Videos | March 22, 2011

TeraRecon - Advanced Visualization

TeraRecon Inc. introduced at RSNA version 4.4.5 of its iNtuition advanced visualization software at the 95th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) at McCormick Place, Chicago IL.

iNtuition 4.4.5 provides a wide range of new clinical enhancements, image delivery methods and architectural improvements that exceed the clinical features of most dedicated thick-client CT, MR and PET workstations combined. The capabilities include:

â?¢ Evolve management of your CT stroke protocols - Volumetric Time-Dependent Analysis (TDA) speeds management of 320-slice, 160-slice and 128-slice CT examinations performed to study brain perfusion, including automated AquariusAPS pre-processing to minimize wait times and enable prompt interpretation of time-sensitive data.
â?¢ Burn 3D-capable patient CDâ??s or DVDâ??s - New viewer supports 3D or 2D viewing of the image data contained on the disk. Real-time volume rendering is supported including slab MIP, cut-planes and cube views. Embedded software on the CD performs these features running on any ordinary PC with no network connectivity required.
â?¢ Take iNtuition on the road - With stand-alone support there is no need for network access when using the alternate software rendering mode.
â?¢ Do more with less rack space - New server form-factors allow a fully-featured iNtuition solution to run on a single 1U server in low volume environments. A fully-redundant enterprise-class system capable of supporting many facilities and serving more than 35 fully-featured users is accomplished in just 8U of server rack space.
â?¢ Communicate results through EMR - Integration to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) is made easy with no need to load pre-generated URL links into patient reports. Only published studies are able to be viewed from the EMR, providing a seamless workflow for all patient reports.
â?¢ Deploy all advanced applications through a web browser, securely - Browser-based access to all advanced clinical applications with SSL encryption is provided via the new iNtuition Virtual Client Concentrator, which enables browser-based access to multiple iNtuition clients at once, requiring only the addition of a single 1U server to your iNtuition installation.
â?¢ Expand Endovascular Aortic Repair (EVAR) planning capabilities - Enhanced tools include automatic calculation of sac volume and a clock face overlay for making angular assessments required for fenestrated and branch graft planning.
â?¢ Accelerate colonography reading - Flythrough now features a broad range of new views, tools and preferences to customize the reading environment, lower learning curves and increase efficiency.
â?¢ Leverage MR time - dependent analysis - Assess parametric color maps of time-dependent MR studies to rapidly assess tissue kinetics.
â?¢ Improve reporting consistency - Now supporting RADLEX terminology lookup with auto-completion of terms, and â??Annotation And Image Markupâ? (AIM) compliant export of findings for integration with workflow and research databases.
â?¢ Augment breast MR interpretations - New surgical planning support, including clock face and distance to the nipple. BiRADS classification is supported in the reporting module.
â?¢ Simplify PET/CT image fusion - Improvements include â??spinning manâ? with auto triangulation of all views, and new image series hanging protocols.

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