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Information Technology | December 01, 2020

Treating cancer effectively often includes a combination of patient therapies. In recent years, technology advancements have led to a more efficient and personalized approach to treatment. Andrew Wilson, President of Oncology Informatics at Elekta, discussed the latest software advancements with ITN.

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Information Technology | December 01, 2020

Treating cancer effectively often includes a combination of patient therapies. In recent years, technology advancements have led to a more efficient and personalized approach to treatment. Andrew Wilson, President of Oncology Informatics at Elekta, discussed the latest software advancements with ITN.

X-Ray | November 28, 2020

Agfa is looking to transform X-ray with new advancements in volumetric imaging, and with new mobile concepts and implementation of intelligent tools. ITN had a conversation with Georges Espada on Transforming X-ray with Intelligent Tools.

Enterprise Imaging | November 23, 2020

Fujifilm's next generation secure server-side viewer platform extends across enterprise imaging areas to bring together radiology, mammography and cardiology into a single zero footprint platform. Bill Lacy, vice president of medical informatics for Fujifilm Medical Systems USA recently talked with ITN about their Synapse 7x platform.

PACS | June 29, 2020

Kevin Borden, Vice President of Product, Healthcare IT for Konica Minolta, talks about Improving Access and Aiding Workflow with itnTV. He explains how the server-side rendering and zero-footprint viewer in its Exa PACS make it well-suited for remote reading.

Contrast Media Injectors | May 22, 2020

At this year’s RSNA ITN sat down with Dennis Durmis, Senior Vice President, Bayer Radiology to discuss Radiology trends. Discussion topics centered around three key areas where Bayer Radiology is responding to trends; including digitalization, workflow efficiencies and efforts to bring more focus to the Radiology patient experience. During the interview Dennis discussed Bayer’s digital strategy, features and benefits of their new injector, the MEDRAD® Stellant FLEX Injector and Bayer’s education efforts of the imaging needs of women with Dense Breast.

Enterprise Imaging | March 02, 2020

At RSNA19, Philips discussed with ITN Contributing Editor Greg Freiherr how its IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition fits into the Philips portfolio, and how the corporate acquisition of Carestream Health IT might affect the company. The video also discusses how Philips will help prospective customers acquire its products.

Enterprise Imaging | February 21, 2020

In Enterprise Imaging at RSNA 2019, ITN Contributing Editor Greg Freiherr offers an overview of enterprise imaging advances at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2019 annual meeting.

Enterprise Imaging | February 19, 2020

Bill Lacy, vice president, Medical Informatics at FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. discusses Synapse 7x, a convergence of the company’s server-side technology designed to cover all the different areas of diagnostic visualization, as well as overall enterprise viewing, with ITN Consulting Editor Greg Freiherr. For more information on Fujifilm's Enterprise Imaging solutions, visit

Flat Panel Displays | February 19, 2020

EIZO medical monitors were showcased recently at RSNA 2019. Learn how the EIZO approach streamlines the effectiveness of your readings. From the NEW 30.9 inch, super-high-resolution, 12 megapixel multi-modality Radiforce RX1270, to the EIZO built-in features such as Point-and-Focus, EIZO holds to the ideal to harmoniously combine performance, ease-of-use and comfort. Learn the Shape of Comfort with EIZO.  Stop by and visit with us at HIMSS, booth #4087.

Artificial Intelligence | February 07, 2020

At RSNA19, GE Healthcare introduced its Edison Open AI Orchestrator. The software has been designed to operate smart algorithms that might save radiologists time. ITN Contributing Editor Greg Freiherr discusses its benefits with Karley Yoder, vice president and general manager of artificial intelligence for GE.


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Artificial Intelligence | February 06, 2020

ProFound AI is an FDA-cleared artificial intelligence (AI) system for reading 3-D breast tomosynthesis images. At RSNA19, ITN Contributing Editor Greg Freiherr spoke with iCad Chairman and CEO Michael Klein about the system, which has been clinically proven in a large reader study to produce an 8% average improvement in sensitivity, 7.2% average reduction in recall rate and 52.7% reduction in average radiologist reading time. 

Mammography | January 24, 2020

Imaging Technology News Contributing Editor Greg Freiherr interviewed Henry Izawa, vice president of modality solutions, Fujifilm Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. about Fujifilm's latest innovations in mammography.

In this video, Izawa announces the latest imaging advancements available for the Aspire Cristalle digital mammography system with digital breast tomosynthesis, including S-View, a synthesized 2-D image reconstructed from DBT and other patient enhancements such as the comfort paddle to provide a noticeably more comfortable exam for the patient.

Watch the video to hear all about Fujifilm's updates.

To learn more, visit

Enterprise Imaging | January 20, 2020

GE Healthcare's iCenter is a cloud-based management software that provides 24/7 visibility to customers' visual and operational data. In this Conversations video, Contributing Editor Greg Freiherr discusses iCenter with GE and Microsoft Executives at RSNA 2019.

Digital Radiography (DR) | January 06, 2020

An experienced technologist and two Agfa executives talk about what distinguishes the new Agfa 100s. Three key highlights include the quality of images that users can get out of the system for the certainty of the diagnostic; more flexibility that has been designed around the user; and its revolutionary platform.

Ultrasound Imaging | January 06, 2020

The Arietta 850SE provides facilities with numerous features and functionality to get the most out of a system. The CMUT probe performs the role of multiple probes while the single-crystal C252 probe gets increased penetration. eFocusing simplifies scanning techniques and shearwave elastography provides unique feedback on tissue stiffness.

Computed Tomography (CT) | January 06, 2020

Hitachi announced the FDA clearance of its newest CT – Scenaria View – at RSNA2019. The View offers an 80 cm wide bore, 550 lb table capacity and powerful 84 kW generator as well as a 200 mm lateral shifting table. Installs in Georgia, Ohio and Florida are underway with more to come in the new year.

Digital Radiography (DR) | January 03, 2020

At RSNA19, David Widmann, president and CEO of Konica Minolta Healthcare Americas, discussed innovation, stressing the importance of academic relationships. 

Computed Tomography (CT) | January 03, 2020

In this Conversations video at AHRA, Ryan K. Lee, M.D., describes the harm extravasation can do and why using power injectors to administer saline beforehand increases patient safety based on his experiences at the Einstein Healthcare Network. 

Proton Therapy | December 16, 2019

Join Chris Toth, president of Varian’s Oncology Systems business, for a peek at the history of machine learning/AI in radiation oncology, plus other highlights in 2019:

  • Ethos therapy: the world’s first AI-powered adaptive radiotherapy.
  • Noona cloud-based application for capturing patient-reported outcomes.
  • Varian’s multi-room configuration for ProBeam 360 proton therapy.
  • The promise of FLASH, an ultra-high-speed treatment that is in pre-clinical testing, and represents an exciting and potentially promising new direction in the treatment of cancer. 
Digital Radiography (DR) | December 12, 2019

Vieworks to present NEW DR detectors, VIVIX-S V series. This is a strategic model that will open up a new era of digital radiography. VIEW it now. You will know.

Quality Assurance (QA) | December 06, 2019

Modus QA is proud to offer a superior phantom for quantifying geometric distortion in modern MRgRT applications. Watch this video to discover how the entire QA process including set-up and data analysis can be completed in under 10 minutes.

Quality Assurance (QA) | September 04, 2019

Modus QA is proud to offer the world's first MR-safe Motion QA phantom for simulation, planning and delivery applications. Watch the video to see how the integrated design saves setup time and increases operational efficiency.

View the video here: 

Radiation Oncology | May 13, 2019

At ASTRO 2018, Accuray showcased new patient-first innovations, including motion synchronization on Radixact, and the new CK VoLO, a fast optimizer on the CyberKnife system. Andrew Delao, senior director of marketing for Accuray, highlights the new features.


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Enterprise Imaging | April 26, 2019

CarolinaEast Health System, an award-winning health system in New Bern, N.C., was one of the first to collaborate with Philips to implement IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition, a comprehensive managed service. Watch the video to see how we collaborated together to streamline workflows and improve interoperability for better care.

Watch the related editorial interview VIDEO: Streamlining PACS Administration — Interview with Mike Ciancio, imaging systems administrator at CarolinaEast Health System.



Information Technology | April 17, 2019

With Intellispace Enterprise Edition as the foundation, Philips Healthcare is connecting facilities and service areas within enterprises, while developing standards-based interoperability that preserves customers' investments and best of breed systems. 

Information Technology | April 15, 2019

Vital Images has developed a strategy that allows its customers to capture revenues that are otherwise missed while building the infrastructure for the future. In an interview with itnTV, Vital Images executives Larry Sitka and Geoffrey Clemmons describe how the company has reconciled this vision of the future with near-term realities.

Artificial Intelligence | April 02, 2019

At RSNA 2018, GE Healthcare formally presented Edison as the company's new applications platform, designed to speed the delivery of precision care. 


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GE Healthcare Unveils New Applications and Smart Devices Built on Edison Platform

Advanced Visualization | April 01, 2019

GE Healthcare goes beyond core equipment maintenance to help clients solve some of their most important asset and clinical performance challenges through digital solutions.

Artificial Intelligence | March 28, 2019

GE launched a new brand that covers artificial intelligence (AI) at the Radiological Socoety of North American (RSNA) 2018 meeting. The company showed several works-in-progress, including a critical care suite of algorithms and experimental applications for brain MR. Each is being built on GE's Edison Platform.


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Enterprise Imaging | March 27, 2019

GE Healthcare Centricity Clinical Archive (CCA) Analytics, shown at RSNA 2018, works directly with the vendor neutral archive (VNA), allowing users to evaluate clinical, financial and operational processes across the healthcare system. The analytics solution shows how all of the different components of the archive and all of the imaging sources — departments, facilities and modalities — are working across the enterprise.

Enterprise Imaging | March 15, 2019

As a VNA, GE Healthcare Centricity Clinical Archive weaves together data from many different sources and systems. The cloud-based system, shown at RSNA 2018, offers analytics that can help physicians and administrators make decisions about the many types of data contained in this VNA, just as it can help make the VNA more efficient. 

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Artificial Intelligence | March 13, 2019

At RSNA 2018, iCad showed how its ProFound AI for digital breast tomosynthesis technology might help in the interpretation of tomosynthesis exams. Rodney Hawkins, vice president of marketing for iCad, discusses how this technology can better help detect the cancer.

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RSNA 2018 Sunday – Improving, Not Replacing

Enterprise Imaging | February 20, 2019

At RSNA 2018, Philips Healthcare introduced Performance Bridge as an integral part of its IntelliSpace Enterprise Edition. The insights help drive improvements and efficiencies.

Information Technology | February 07, 2019

In this video Johann Fernando, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer of FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. discusses his vision for Fujifilm as an end-to-end imaging partner -- offering high quality solutions for diagnostic imaging, treatment planning, treatment follow-up, and enterprise imaging management. He also shares his point-of-view on developing patient-centric solutions catering to the unique needs for specialized patient populations including solutions for pediatrics and imaging solutions dedicated to the operating room. 


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RSNA 2018 Sunday – Improving, Not Replacing

Artificial Intelligence | February 05, 2019

ITN Contributing Editor Greg Freiherr discusses Fujifilm's AI-enabled Platform REiLI, the benefits of an open AI platform, and how this impacts radiologists' workflow and patient outcomes with FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. Vice President of Medical Informatics, Bill Lacy. 

Missed your chance for a REiLI demo at RSNA?  Visit Fujifilm's booth #4159 at HIMSS February 12–14, 2019. 

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RSNA 2018 Sunday – Improving, Not Replacing

Artificial Intelligence | February 01, 2019

Artificial intelligence can do more than assist in the interpretation of patient images. At RSNA 2018, Imalogix showed how its unique AI application can help meet compliance requirements, directly improve patient safety and increase efficiencies.


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Digital Radiography (DR) | January 23, 2019

ITN Contributing Editor Greg Freiherr interviewed several specialists involved in the development and marketing of Agfa's DR800 system to learn more about the system, its history and its potential.


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Agfa Brings Intelligent Radiography to RSNA 2018

Quality, Efficiency, Collaboration Throughout DR Imaging Process

Contrast Media | January 22, 2019

ITN Contributing Editor Greg Freiherr speaks with Guerbet Chief Commercial Officer David Hale about the latest advanced digital solutions the company was showing at RSNA 2018.

Radiation Therapy | January 18, 2019
Join Chris Toth, president of Varian’s Oncology Systems business, for a look at product introductions for 2018 plus a peek at the company’s roadmap for the future. Chris highlights:

  • Varian’s new Bravos afterloader system for high-dose-rate (HDR) brachytherapy;
  • Varian’s new ProBeam 360 single-room proton therapy system, with its lower-cost, 30 percent smaller footprint;
  • The company’s vision of — and development work towards — an artificial intelligence-powered multimodality adaptive radiotherapy suite; and
  • Pre-clinical research into ultra-high-dose-rate cancer treatment with protons.