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The Philips Radiology Experience Tour will visit 16 different locations in the United States and Canada bringing Philips imaging modalities directly to the professionals who use them.

The Philips Radiography Experience Tour will visit 16 different locations in the United States and Canada bringing Philips imaging modalities directly to the professionals who use them.

The Philips Radiology Experience Tour is hitting the road this summer and could be in your neighborhood very soon.

This unique roadshow will bring Philips imaging modalities directly to the professionals who use them. The Tour will provide healthcare professionals with an experience of the company’s different imaging modalities … right in their very own backyard.

The Radiology Experience Tour is an exclusive experience that will have equipment demonstrations and virtual simulations that physicians, technologists and administrators can see, feel and touch. Industry experts will also be on hand to answer any questions about Philips’ products and technologies.

The roadshow will visit 16 different locations in the United States and one location in Canada began June 26, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will conclude Aug. 24, in Omaha, Nebraska. Each event will take place from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. (local time). A full list of the tour stops is below.

New for 2023

Building off the hugely successful 2022 CT Experience Tour, the Philips Radiology Experience Tour has expanded this year to include a full portfolio of Philips imaging solutions including Magnetic Resonance, Radiology and Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound; Radiology Operations Command Center (ROCC), PACS, C-Arms and Ambient Experience.

"We understand that our customers now more than ever need us to bring capabilities to their door, so we are taking the Philips experience where our customers need us to be with Philips Experience Tour 2023! Across multiple modalities you can experience hands-on demonstrations exhibiting technologist workflow, clinician and radiologist workflow for clinical interpretation; as well as, DICOM case study reviews — and even live scanning of phantoms is possible for some modalities like ultrasound and with the CT 5100 Incisive mobile CT!"  said Wendy Winkle Lawless, North America Business Leader CT.

The roadshow lets you get up close and personal with the different imaging modalities available from Philips. Among the highlights of the Radiology Tour that attendees will have an opportunity to experience are:

Computed Tomography: The Philips CT 5100 Incisive will be onsite with either a mobile imaging truck or virtual experience where customers can see the workflow firsthand, and even test drive the CT themselves. This CT solution features Philips latest AI workflow applications for image quality, positioning, cardiac and dose levels creating a unique solution for both techs and patients. Attendees also will have the opportunity to sit down with clinical specialists and discuss Philips latest advancements in Multi-Energy CT with the Spectral CT 7500.

Magnetic Resonance: Philips MR has launched two MR solutions that can help you unlock your capacity to provide outstanding services. Philips sales and clinical specialists will be onsite to demonstrate Philips latest MR solutions, ranging from the company’s flagship acceleration software (SmartSpeed) to a user interface with a focus on patient workflow (MR Workspace). From Philips’ revolutionary helium-free operations (Ambition X and MR 5300) to the cutting-edge 3T magnets (Elition and MR 7700), experts will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Radiology/Fluoroscopy: The Eleva Tube Head and its modern smart touch interface also will be on display. The Eleva Tube Head is enhanced with a live camera for extended Eleva control right in the exam room. This helps alleviate potential imprecise collimation (as with obese patients) and assists with patient positioning. Time consuming retakes that add unnecessary dose can be reduced. Moreover, the Live Camera Package contributes to a fast setup time. Live images of the collimated anatomy are displayed continuously during the exam, for guidance. Display of collimated area at the tube head and at the Eleva workspot helps detect patient movement and supports correct collimation. In addition, you will learn how the Philips UNIQUE 2 image processing software provides superb images of all anatomical areas. An experienced modality specialist will be on hand to dive deep into workflow features, customization tips, SkyFlow, and some system improvements based on Technologist feedback (i.e., clock on the UI, live camera, etc.).  

Ultrasound: The next generation of Philips EPIQ Elite Premium Ultrasound will be on site with demonstration via live scanning by their clinical experts. Through the Roadshow tour, attendees can experience firsthand Philips latest innovations: intuitive Next Generation Auto Scan, 3D Color Flow viewer, as well advancements in workflow of tele-ultrasound with up to six users for remote clinical diagnosis. Philips will also showcase its latest portable ultrasound system, the Compact 5000. This shares the same platform DNA as the EPIQ & Affiniti Ultrasound systems allowing a consistent, without compromise high end imaging and efficient user experience even in a portable environment.

Mark Your Calendar and Register Today

If you want to test drive the latest clinical imaging technology being offered by Philips, be sure to sign up today at https://philipsradiologyexperiencetour.splashthat.com.

The dates and locations that the 2023 Philips Radiology Experience Tour will visit are:

  • Monday, June 26: Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Tuesday, June 27: Los Angeles, California
  • Wednesday, June 28: Sacramento, California
  • Thursday, June 29: Hoag Irvine, California
  • Monday, July 10: Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Tuesday, July 11: Denver, Colorado
  • Thursday, July 13: Chicago, Illinois*
  • Thursday, July 20: Seattle, Washington*
  • Tuesday, August 1: Mississaugua, Ontario, Canada
  • Wednesday, August 2: Buffalo, New York
  • Thursday, August 3: Mt. Laurel, New Jersey/Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Tuesday, August 8:  New Haven, Connecticut
  • Wednesday, August 9: Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Thursday, August 10: Maryland/Washington, D.C.
  • Tuesday, August 15: Jacksonville, Florida*
  • Thursday, August 17: New Orleans, Louisiana*
  • Tuesday, August 22: Dallas, Texas*
  • Thursday, August 24: Omaha, Nebraska*

*Indicates sites where full trailer experience will not be available. Virtual simulations only


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