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VALORY is Agfa’s response to the increasing pressure on radiography imaging efficiency

At RSNA 2021, Agfa launched its new VALORY digital radiography (DR) room. VALORY delivers a simple design with functionality that goes far beyond the “basics,” bringing reliability, productivity and “first-time-right” imaging into reach for any hospital.

December 8, 2021 — At RSNA 2021, Agfa launched its new VALORY digital radiography (DR) room. VALORY delivers a simple design with functionality that goes far beyond the “basics,” bringing reliability, productivity and “first-time-right” imaging into reach for any hospital.

A flexible solution, designed for robust reliability

VALORY is the newest addition to Agfa’s comprehensive DR portfolio. It comes with a wide choice of a generator power, ceiling-suspended X-ray tube, and Dura-line Cesium Iodide detectors that deliver robust reliability, cost-effectiveness, the potential for significant patient dose reduction, outstanding 15-hour battery autonomy and the ability to share detectors between DR systems.

This combination enables any hospital to enhance its imaging productivity and confidence, with proven reliability backed by a 3-year equipment warranty.

Quick to start, easy to use

VALORY can be available in your DR room at very short lead time, while the intuitive interface ensures confident use by any radiographer after quick and efficient training. The smooth workflow gets patients in and out quickly and comfortably, with features such as autotracking and autocentering that keep exams moving. VALORY is ideal for a wide range of patients and types of studies: the radiographic table, which comes in a choice of fixed or elevating model, supports a patient load of up to 320 kg/705 lbs.

Safety is a priority for every healthcare provider; with VALORY, every element that comes into contact with radiographer or patient is designed for quick and safe disinfection. Sealed buttons around the screen, a handle bar comprised of one solid component, smooth hoses around cables, and additional fluid protection mounted on the side of the table add to the safety and hygiene of the X-ray experience.

“First time right” imaging, at a lower dose

Like all of Agfa’s DR systems, VALORY is powered by MUSICA. The MUSICA Imaging Workstation enhances workflow and productivity, with a single, intuitive interface for smooth, efficient DR imaging. Agfa’s latest generation of its gold-standard MUSICA image processing software provides “first time right” imaging, supporting ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principles for radiation dose.

“VALORY is a key addition to our comprehensive portfolio: it offers an ideal solution as a backup for large hospitals, or as the main X-ray system for smaller healthcare facilities, where equipment reliability is not an option but a must. These hospitals need robust, flexible and upgradable solutions: VALORY delivers this and more. With VALORY, we aim to go beyond expectations, to prove that ‘simple’ doesn’t mean ‘basic’. VALORY offers a modern design and functionalities, while meeting the reliability, productivity and ease-of-use requirements of healthcare providers under pressure. And it can grow and adapt with the hospital, making it a solid, secure investment for the future,” said Georges Espada, Head of Digital  Radiography for Agfa.

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