News | Digital Radiography (DR) | November 26, 2019

Agfa to Showcase DR Portfolio at RSNA

Visitors to Agfa’s booth (South Hall, Booth #4705) can discover a new DR unit and a range of products from entry-level mobile units to automated rooms

 Agfa RSNA

November 26, 2019 – At RSNA 2019, Agfa will showcase a powerful, user-driven DR portfolio. Ranging from entry-level mobile units to state-of-the-art, multi-purpose, automated rooms, Agfa’s portfolio brings DR advantages to healthcare facilities of various sizes and budgets.

Visitors to Agfa’s booth can discover a new, groundbreaking DR unit and find out more about the following DR solutions, virtually or on the floor:

  • Intelligent genrad/fluoroscopy imaging - DR 800:

The DR 800 is much more than an X-ray room: it’s an intelligent, dynamic imaging solution that enables radiology to meet the growing demand for fluoroscopy, without multiple investments. The flexible, multi-purpose system supports enhanced image quality, productivity and workflow efficiency for the busy imaging environment. Dynamic MUSICA processes both general radiography and fluoroscopy images with the same, proven high image quality and efficient workflow, for static and dynamic (moving) images.

West Suffolk Hospital, UK, recently installed a DR 800 room. According to Nigel Beeton, Imaging Services Manager, “The DR 800 is a market-leading design. It provides amazing details and resolution for moving and static images. It lets the user quickly access, store and process the images, and then get to the next patient.”

  • High-productivity, ceiling-suspended DR - DR 600:

The high-productivity, fully automated DR 600 takes the DR X-ray room to the next level, with technologies including ZeroForce and EasyStitch full leg/full spine imaging. Uniting excellent automation with Agfa’s top-of-the-line image quality, it streamlines workflow, increases throughput and enhances the experience of patients and operators alike. Michael Neep, Team Leader Radiographer at Logan Hospital, Australia, comments, “The ZeroForce technology, which makes it possible to use the tube head without effort, works really well and reduces strain and resistance.”

  • Scalable, floor-mounted DR - DR 400:

Scalable DR is within the reach of every imaging environment, with the complete, floor-mounted DR 400. This DR system can grow and develop with the needs of the facility, delivering higher throughput, lower cost per examination and excellent image quality.

  • Cost-effective mobile DR - DR 100e:

The mobile DR 100e makes bedside and ICU imaging convenient and costeffective. Designed to be maneuvered down narrow corridors and set up wherever needed, it offers optimal patient comfort. Yet the powerful X-ray generator, DR quality and MUSICA image processing deliver excellent performance and productivity.

  • Next-level mobile DR - DX-D 100+: 

Offering fast, high-quality image capture and immediate image validation, transfer and access, the DX-D 100 delivers mobile imaging excellence. With its dedicated stitching cabinet and MUSICA stitching software, it enables mobile full leg/full spine imaging. Kettering Health in Ohio has an extensive range of Agfa DR solutions, including the DX-D 100. According to Max Grady, Director Imaging Services, “It’s a complete X-ray room on wheels. It’s quiet, productive, easy to navigate and has a large screen. The staff love it.”

  • Fast DR workflow in an instant, with DR Retrofit:

With the DR Retrofit, any hospital or clinic can make the move to DR, while maximizing existing investments. Fixed, mobile, full leg/full spine and CR mammography systems become high-productivity DR units in an instant. The benefits are clear: fast, high-quality images and a smooth, fast workflow. Grady explains that, for Kettering Health, “With the DR Retrofits, we could leverage our existing investments and make the switch to DR very quickly. It ensured that we get the maximum reimbursements for X-rays.”

  • MUSICA intelligence

All Agfa’s DR solutions come with the MUSICA Nerve Center. Driven by AI and deep learning, the MUSICA Nerve Center provides operational efficiency and intelligence, with a single, intuitive interface for smooth DR general radiography, fluoroscopy, mammography and full leg/full spine (FLFS) imaging.

Agfa’s gold standard, intelligent MUSICA image processing enables “first time right” imaging, while the combined use of CsI with MUSICA image processing offers the potential for significant dose reduction.

“RSNA gives us an opportunity to demonstrate what we mean when we say, ‘Imaging is in our DNA’,” comments Louis Kuitenbrouwer, Vice-President of the Radiology Solutions Division at Agfa. “We have a long history in imaging, and have used that experience to create a customer-driven, scalable and comprehensive portfolio that puts DR within the reach of any healthcare enterprise.”

To find out more about Agfa’s comprehensive range of DR solutions, visit South Hall, Booth #4705 at RSNA 2019.

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