Videos | March 22, 2011

MedQuist - Speech Recognition Solution Increases Productivity

c for radiology is an interactive speech recognition solution that provides improvements in turnaround time, referrals and patient satisfaction to increase productivity and efficiency in a radiology department. It is 98 percent voice-navigable, so a user can utilize hands-free dictation to move through patient workflow easily.

The system integrates with major picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) and radiology information systems (RIS). It allows for unlimited numbers of autotext in building structured reports.

SpeechQ uses three technologies: fields, smart fields, which bring in demographic data from the RIS, and named fields, which are fields the user can immediately navigate to by giving a voice command, such as "go to prior studies." Default text can be changed. SpeechQ listens to commands and lets the user put additional autotext inside of a predetermined autotext format.

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