Videos | March 22, 2011

McKesson - Solutions Enhance Radiologist Workflow

Horizon Medical Imaging (HMI) version 11.7 is the latest release of McKesson's picture archiving and communications system (PACS) with both infrastructure updates and usability enhancements. The new version also enhances medical imaging workflow from order entry to report distribution, image analysis to data storage and distribution.

HMI 11.7 provides users with all the tools needed to have a complete end-to-end workflow in one workspace, including a new Web-based PACS Admin solution available for PACS administrators. It offers all the functionality of the traditional PACS Admin application in a Web-based interface. Also new for Horizon Rad Station-Distributed is the Web Applications Page – for quick selection of Web-based HMI applications (PACS Admin, critical results reporting and HMI Control Station) and a number of usability enhancements.

Additionally, McKesson's solutions for Medical Imaging include:

"¢ Open, standards-based and cost-effective infrastructure/architecture; highly scalable and configurable with flexible deployment
"¢ Clinical Workflows, (critical results reporting, emergency room discrepancy tracking) that bridges the technology boundaries between the radiologist and external data sources and supports the act of medical image interpretation and radiology reporting
"¢ A range of add-on solutions – such as Mammography Plus, Horizon Study Share and VTRIP that support growing clinical needs
"¢ Third-party integrations and the newly released "report connector" software, that addresses the needs of a multivendor heterogeneous environment

McKesson also recognizes the growing demand for professional services to support the adoption of healthcare technology as hospitals realize that simply adding another technology into their clinical mix – and by continuing with the same, dated processes and workflow – will not get them to their goals of business optimization or productivity management. McKesson Medical Imaging Professional Services - from data migration, to staff augmentation, to business analytics and a complete system analysis - will help them realize the full value/potential of their IT commitment.

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