Videos | March 22, 2011

Dome - Flat Panel Displays Provide Accurate, Precise Calibration

The new Dome S10 display is an ultra-thin 10 MP diagnostic mammography display capable of showing two 5 MP images, making it well suited for back-to-back chest wall reads. It includes a one-touch button to enhance regulatory workflow by both discreetly notifying the user or technician of and providing instant one-touch access to required quality control testing. Integrated front and rear sensors maintain image integrity and provide easy remote testing and display management.

The new 30-inch widescreen Dome S10 supports 10-bit and 8-bit grayscale image data through industry standard interfaces, eliminating the need for proprietary libraries. The Dome S10 does not include fans or reflective front glass, providing a clear, unobstructed image at a 4,096 by 2,560 resolution.

With pristine diagnostic images, low power consumption and a fanless design, the Dome S10 provides image viewing in a sleek, efficient and lightweight package. Features include: More accurate DICOM conformance with controlled factory calibration; unobstructed viewing path without disruption from reflective front shields; intelligent engineering for a slim, lightweight, low-power, Earth-friendly design; and remote conformance checking in multisensor designs.

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