Videos | December 14, 2011

CoActiv Showcases New Solutions at RSNA 2011

EXAM-BROWSER: CoActiv Medical announces a revolutionary new solution for medical image clinical viewing and sharing. CoActiv debuted at RSNA 2011 the EXAM-BROWSER, an innovative and affordable, zero-footprint, cloud-based, universal clinical viewer with on-the-fly color 3-D reconstruction and multi-user collaboration. With EXAM-BROWSER, hospital and imaging center clients storing images in CoActivâ??s EXAM-PACS, EXAM-VAULT, cloud-based archive or virtually any other PACS can now enable users to view and manipulate exams with ultra-fast speed from virtually any browser-enabled computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world, quickly and securely.
EXAM-JACKET with Enhanced TimeLine Functionality: The innovative CoActiv EXAM-JACKET is a digital representation of the "film jackets" of yesteryear. Since CoActiv EXAM-PACS is 100 percent paperless, as well as 100 percent filmless, a method of providing the reading radiologist with all the documents and other information that used to be stuffed in the old file jacket along with the prior films was needed. EXAM-JACKET is the solution to this requirement. As soon as the radiologist selects and launches an exam in the CoActiv EXAM-VIEWER, a digital array of thumbnail listings of all prior exams instantly appears on the viewer screen. All images, reports and associated documents for the current exam and all priors are immediately available from a single interface.
Cardiology: CoActiv has added several new tools specific to the echocardiology exam. It is now possible to calculate (or compare) mean velocity and make static and spot measurements on applicable images.
Mean Velocity: The mean velocity tool measures wave time, VMax, VMean, PGMax, PGMean and VTI.
Spot Tool: This tool will give velocity and pressure measurements at any given point on the wave. It is also capable of multiple measurements and will assign each measurement a unique color for easy reference.
Measure: The measure tool will calculate the value for time, velocity and acceleration across a line drawn on the image. Again, each subsequent measurement will be assigned a unique color.
PenRad Alliance: CoActiv announced a sales alliance with PenRad for the delivery of an advanced, integrated image and information management solution for mammographic and vascular studies. The new relationship will enable both companies to deliver a seamlessly integrated solution combining CoActiv EXAM-PACS and EXAM-VAULT Archiving with the complete suite of PenRad Mammography and Vascular information System Modules, enabling breast centers and other facilities to reap the many benefits of a complete, seamlessly integrated system.

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