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The highest performing news articles from the past year based on website analytics

All but 3 of the top 25 articles in 2020 were on COVID-19. The other 3 were on MRI contrast advances and the development of a cold-cathode X-ray tube technology. #COVID19

All but 3 of the top 25 articles in 2020 were on COVID-19. The other 3 were on MRI contrast advances and the development of a cold-cathode X-ray tube technology.

Here are the top 25 best performing articles on the Imaging Technology News (ITN) website from 2020. This is based on the analytics of ITN's record 3.2 million pagesviews in 2020.

COVID-19 was clearly the main interest on the minds of radiologists in 2020, with all but 3 articles below involving COVID. Many of these articles are from earlier in the year and during the first COVID wave that hit the U.S. when radiologists were scrambling to get access to any information regarding COVID imaging. ITN had more than 1.4 million pageviews just for COVID pandemic coverage.

The 3 non-COVID article discuss MRI contrast and the development of a cold-cathode X-ray technology.

1. COVID-19 Genetic PCR Tests Give False Negative Results if Used Too Early

2. How Does COVID-19 Appear in the Lungs?

3. CT Provides Best Diagnosis for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

4. CT Imaging of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Pneumonia

5. Radiologists Describe Coronavirus CT Imaging Features

6. Chest X-rays in the ER Can Help Predict Severity of COVID-19 in Younger Patients 

7. Radiology Lessons for Coronavirus From the SARS and MERS Epidemics 

8. Lungs of Deceased COVID-19 Patients Show Distinctive Features

9. Study Looks at CT Findings of COVID-19 Through Recovery

10. Chest CT Findings of Patients Infected With Novel Coronavirus 2019-nCoV Pneumonia

11. ACR Recommendations for the Use of Chest Radiography and CT for Suspected COVID-19 Case

12. New CT Scoring Criteria for Timely Diagnosis, Treatment of Coronavirus Disease

13. Artificial Intelligence Processes Provide Solutions to Gadolinium Retention Concern

14. New Study Looks at Post-COVID-19 Emerging Disease in Children

15. New Research Finds Chest X-ray Not Reliable Diagnostic Tool for COVID-19

16. Radiology Publishes First Case of COVID-19 Encephalopathy

17. How COVID-19 Affects the Brain in Neuroimaging

18. Researchers Brighten Path for Creating New Type of MRI Contrast Agent

19. How Radiologists are Analyzing the 2019-nCoV Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic 

20. New Research Advocates for Chest CT in COVID-19 Diagnosis

21. Shortage of PPE Due to COVID-19 Driving Innovation by RT in The Philippines

22. Chest CT Can Distinguish Negative From Positive Lab Results for COVID-19

23. Cold Cathode X-ray Technology Demonstrated at RSNA 2020

24. Artificial Intelligence Assisted Radiology Technologies Aid COVID-19 Fight in China

25. Mount Sinai Physicians the First in U.S. Analyzing Lung Disease in Coronavirus Patients from China


Top 25 Videos For Radiology and Radiation Oncology Videos on ITN in 2020

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