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Change Healthcare is inspiring a better healthcare system. Change Healthcare is a key catalyst of a value-based healthcare system – working alongside our customers and partners to accelerate the journey toward improved lives and healthier communities. While the point of care delivery is the most visible measure of quality and value, we are a healthcare technology solutions company that uniquely champions the improvement of all the points before, after, and in-between care episodes. With our customers and partners, we are creating a stronger, better coordinated, increasingly collaborative, and more efficient healthcare system that enables better patient care, choice, and outcomes at scale. Through our unique perspective and interconnected position at the center of healthcare, we are a collaborative catalyst to accelerating your path to value-based care and more relevant engagement with consumers. We are an inseparable part of today’s healthcare ecosystem - playing a vital role in helping the system not only function, but also work smarter. Our engrained technology solutions and connected insights reflect our unique knowledge of the system’s many intricacies and the critical paths to better healthcare.

As an independent healthcare IT company, we are decidedly objective, which enables us to make the right decisions with you and where you are on your path.  We work with stakeholders and platforms across healthcare to effectively address diverse needs, and ensure the end focus stays on the consumer, member and patient. We are your partner throughout the healthcare journey. We leverage our expertise, data, and technology to match your unique data, goals, and priorities. Together with you, we help get to the heart of the biggest problems and create answers that lead to superior outcomes for individuals and communities. We understand the changes impacting the healthcare landscape today, but also have insights on its future evolution and what this means for all stakeholders. This mindset, and our agile approach, ensure that we’re able to help you get to better -- faster. We know we are entrusted with the most sensitive information and systems. We are dedicated to providing the highest levels of quality, security, and solutions. We believe trust is earned with every interaction, with every customer, and at every opportunity to deliver healthcare safely and effectively. 

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