News | February 14, 2011

Ultrasound System Provided for Medical Missions to Guatemala

February 14, 2011 – Zonare Medical Systems has loaned a ultrasound system to Woodlands Church of Plover, Wis., for use on medical missions to Sumpango, Guatemala.

Woodlands Church performs annual global relief efforts and medical missions throughout the world. Recently, more than 30 doctors, nurses, EMTs and medical students traveled to Sumpango to offer medical examinations and diagnostic imaging services. Over the course of the trip, Nicholas Wyskoarko, M.D., a cardiologist at Marshfield Clinic of Weston, Wis., and the team saw more than 900 patients and provided general medical, gynecological, cardiac and pediatric care.

"Sumpango is a pretty remote mountain town of Mayan farmers with very limited access to healthcare,” Wyskoarko said. “The Zonare System was incredibly helpful - the combination of great image quality and versatility enabled us to identify several significant medical conditions that could have had tremendous impact on the patients' lives. While some of these conditions may be relatively easy to find in the U.S., they may not have been found until too late in Guatemala. As a result of this impact, the Woodlands Church is looking into acquiring a system for future medical missions.”

In addition to general clinic services, Wyskoarko worked with a local physician to evaluate patients with cardiac concerns, including:

• A 9-year-old boy presented with a heart murmur and chest pains. Using the ultrasound system, Wyskoarko visualized turbulence around the pulmonary valve and was able to diagnose a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). PDA is a congenital defect that results in abnormal blood flow between the major heart vessels. The boy needed surgery and Woodlands Church has committed to help him travel to Guatemala City for treatment.

• A 32-year-old man on peritoneal dialysis presented with leg problems and needed evaluation. The ultrasound system identified moderate pericardial effusion, or the accumulation of fluid around the heart. As a result, it has been recommended that the patient's treatment change to hemodialysis.

• Another patient on an antiarrhythmic drug and a history of heart attacks complained of shortness of breath. The echo with the ultrasound system showed normal left ventricle (LV) function. As a result, concern shifted from congestive heart failure to side-effects or reactions to the antiarrhythmic medication.

"We want to commend the humanitarian efforts of Dr. Wyskoarko and all of the medical professionals that volunteer their time and expertise for multiple medical missions every year," said Jay D. Miller, president and CEO, Zonare Medical Systems. "We are proud of how well the ZONARE Ultrasound System performed, providing high quality images to make confident diagnoses in an environment where records, medical knowledge and previous exams are sometimes limited."

Over the past year, the company has provided six systems to Woodlands Church and other organizations for international relief efforts and medical missions.

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