Feature | Radiation Oncology | January 03, 2020 | Dave Fornell, Editor
Six of the top 20 radiotherapy stories in 2019 involved proton therapy. This includes two video inetrviews shot during a site visit to the Northwestern Medicine Proton Center in the Chicago suburb of Warrenville, Ill.

Six of the top 20 radiotherapy stories in 2019 involved proton therapy. This includes two video inetrviews shot during a site visit to the Northwestern Medicine Proton Center in the Chicago suburb of Warrenville, Ill.

January 3, 2020 — Here is the top 20 pieces of radiation oncology content on the Imaging Technology News (ITN) website from 2019, based on the analytics of its record 2.16 million pageviews. 

1. VIDEO: The Role of the Physicist in Proton Therapy — Interview with Mark Pankuch, Ph.D.

2. Varian Discloses First Preclinical Results of Flash Therapy in Cancer Treatment 

3. VIDEO: Use of Machine Learning to Automate Radiotherapy Treatment Planning

4. Surgery Versus Radiation Therapy in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

5. Innovations in Radiotherapy and Radiology at Henry Ford Hospital

6. VIDEO: Artificial Intelligence Driven Adaptive Radiotherapy System Begins Treating Patients

7. VIDEO: Use of a Fully Self-contained Brain Radiotherapy System

8. New Treatment Planning System Technologies

9. Netherlands Proton Therapy Center Delivers First Clinical Flash Irradiation

10. VIDEO: Y90 Embolization of Liver Cancer at Henry Ford Hospital

11. New Radiotherapy and Medical Physics Technology at AAPM 2019

12. What to Expect from the Proton Therapy Market in 2019-2020

13. VIDEO: Creating a Low-cost Radiotherapy System for the Developing World

14. Trends in Proton Therapy — Faster Therapy Delivery, Single-room Installs

15. Stereotactic Radiotherapy Improves Long-Term Survival in Stage-IV Cancers

16. Varian Acquires CyberHeart Cardiac Radio-ablation Technology

17. VIDEO: Proton Therapy Treatment at Northwestern Medicine — Interview with with Bill Hartsell, M.D.

18. VIDEO: Artificial Intelligence Automatic Contouring and Segmentation For Radiotherapy

19. Philips Collaborates With MIM Software on Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning

20. Varian Unveils Ethos Solution for Adaptive Radiation Therapy



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