Siemens recently unveiled TruePoint technology for its Biograph family of hybrid PET/CT systems. Siemens anticipates that the new TruePoint PET/CT platform will open the door to molecular imaging for oncology by adding 33 percent more axial volume coverage to its PET/CT scanners and with features that automatically adjust reconstruction and scatter correction algorithms to individual patient size.
Benefits provided by the new TruePoint PET/CT platform are two-fold: The technology increases the axial coverage per bed position to provide whole-body PET/CT protocols, while optimizing workflow by using fewer bed positions and increased speed, according to Michael Reitermann, president, Molecular Imaging Division, Siemens Medical Solutions. TruePoint PET/CT also provides a new level of system integration for PET/CT technology and software applications designed to maximize efficiency and improve diagnostic confidence.
Also broadening Siemens’ field of view in oncology is syngo TrueD, a tool for coregistering and comparing patient scans from different points in time, such as pre- and post-therapy.

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