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Oral presentation evaluating feasibility of BgRT using long-lived immune PET tracer awarded Best in Physics 

RefleXion Medical, a therapeutic oncology company pioneering the use of biology-guided radiotherapy (BgRT) for all stages of cancer

July 14, 2022 — RefleXion Medical, a therapeutic oncology company pioneering the use of biology-guided radiotherapy (BgRT)* for all stages of cancer, today announced that researchers will present new data from 14 medical physics investigations validating the efficacy and feasibility of the RefleXion X1 radiotherapy platform with and without BgRT at the 2022 American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., July 10-14. 

Two of the 14 abstracts are oral presentations, one of which was selected as “Best in Physics,” a distinction granted to only 15 abstracts by the AAPM. The company is showcasing the X1 radiotherapy platform and future BgRT capabilities in booth #5093. 

RefleXion is also hosting an industry lunch symposium during the AAPM annual meeting at 12:45 pm EDT today. Titled “Preparing for Biology-guided Radiotherapy in the Clinic,” the symposium features a presentation on BgRT and advantages for eliminating challenges with motion management by Murat Surucu, Ph.D., as well as a presentation on BgRT commissioning and workflow by Nataliya Kovalchuk, Ph.D., based on their facility’s experience participating in RefleXion’s Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) clinical study. 

“We are extremely encouraged by the growing body of scientific evidence validating the RefleXion X1 platform, the future potential of BgRT, and its impact on workflow and treatment planning,” said Sean Shirvani, M.D., chief medical officer of RefleXion. “To have 14 medical physics investigations presented at AAPM, including an oral presentation that earned the distinction ‘Best in Physics,’ further underscores our commitment to achieving and surpassing industry standards of quality radiotherapy treatments for patients.” 

The following two oral presentations and two poster presentations highlight some of the new research being shared regarding the use of BgRT for treatment planning for various anatomic sites, time savings, and simplification in workflow: 

Oral Presentations: 

“Investigation of computation time and storage savings using Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) source models for dose simulation of a binary MLC Lina,” presented by Bin Han, Ph.D., Sunday, July 10 from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm EDT. This study investigated the feasibility of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) in modeling the RefleXion X1 Linac by replacing each collimated beam with a GAN generator for Monte Carlo simulation. 

“Evaluation of 89Zr immune-PET for Biology Guided Radiation Therapy,” selected “Best in Physics,” and presented by Guillem Pratx, Ph.D., Thursday, July 14, from 7:30 am – 8:30 am EDT. This study investigated whether a long-lived PET isotope tagged with antibody (immune-PET) could simplify the BgRT workflow by reducing the multiple tracer injections while improving tumor-specific uptake and guidance. 

Poster Presentations: 

“One-year quality assurance experience of the first RefleXion system,” presented by Murat Surucu, Ph.D., Tuesday, July 12, from 1:15 pm – 1:45 pm EDT. This study reports on the daily, monthly, and annual quality assurance (QA) measurement results of the first clinical BgRT capable machine following the AAPM TG-148 protocol. 

“Biology Guided Radiotherapy (BgRT) treatment planning feasibility study for head-and-neck, abdomen, and pelvis,” presented by Nataliya Kovalchuk, Ph.D., Tuesday, July 12 from 3:45 pm – 4:15 pm EDT. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of BgRT treatment planning for various treatment sites in five cancer patients. 

*The RefleXion X1 is cleared for SBRT/SRS/IMRT. BgRT is pending regulatory review and is not commercially available. 

For more information: 

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