News | Radiation Dose Management | September 20, 2016

NCI’s graphical user interface-based program designed to estimate dose descriptors including organ doses

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September 20, 2016 — PACSHealth LLC announced that its DoseMonitor application will be the first software application to incorporate the National Cancer Institute dosimetry system for computed tomography (NCICT) for patient radiation dose monitoring. DoseMonitor automates the collection and reporting of medical imaging radiation dose indices to meet regulatory and operational compliance requirements in the United States and abroad.

NCICT is a graphical user interface-based computer program designed to estimate dose descriptors including organ doses for patients undergoing CT scans.

NCICT uses the latest computational human phantoms, the most realistic anatomical surrogates for patient anatomy to date. The phantoms are created from patient CT images for both standard and non-standard body sizes, which include the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) reference pediatric and adult phantoms and a comprehensive library of body size-dependent phantoms covering 350 pediatric and adult phantoms with varying height and weight.

More than ten papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals on the fundamental dosimetry methods and experimental validation for NCICT.

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