News | January 14, 2008

Midwest Hospital Uses Ultrasound to Treat Multiple Conditions

January 15, 2008 - Physical rehabilitation therapists at Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago are harnessing the illustrative power of ultrasound in treating such common conditions as pelvic pain, incontinence and lower back pain.

Heather Moky, DPT, physical therapist at the hospital, uses the portable ultrasound device in her practice to help illustrate to patients in real time how their muscles work and how they can improve their conditions through this understanding.

Using ultrasound, Moky shows her patients on-screen how they may be using their deeper muscles incorrectly and illustrates their proper use. The visual cues make it much easier for a patient to understand the correct contraction and isolation of the muscle, Moky said.

Moky uses ultrasound on appropriate patients to treat multiple conditions, including:
• Pelvic pain, including a variety of diagnoses, such as pain during intercourse, endometriosis and scar adhesions due to various types of surgery
• Muscle dysfunction associated with surgeries and fractures in the back, hip, and pelvis
• Incontinence, a common condition that affects millions of Americans including many women following childbirth
• Lower back pain
• Painful bladder syndrome

“Many patients simply need to see what they are doing incorrectly,” Moky said. “When they’re able to see it, it is much easier for them to make the correct muscle contraction, leading to improved strength, reduced pain and goal achievement.”

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