Technology | December 30, 2014

GE Healthcare Upgrades Ultrasound Systems Capabilities

New features on Logiq E9 and S7 systems improve image quality, productivity and efficiency

Logiq E9 renal ultrasound image courtesy of GE Healthcare

December 30, 2014 — GE Healthcare announced a series of clinician-inspired upgrades to its Logiq E9 and Logiq S7 ultrasound systems to assist with everyday throughput and imaging challenges.

The upgrades aim to offer improved image quality, productivity and efficiency while operating an ultrasound system and include:

Image quality

  • Transducers: New advances in acoustic engineering can result in increased penetration and enhanced color Doppler imaging. These include the C1-6VN-D and C2-9VN-D broad-spectrum convex transducers with embedded VNav sensor, for abdominal, obstetrics and gynecology exams.
  • B-Flo Imaging: Non-Doppler technology displays small vessels with ease and requires less dependence on user technique and scanning angle.


Productivity enhancements

  • Compare Assistant: Helps reduce time spent finding prior exams for side-by-side comparisons.
  • Productivity packages and automated measurement tools: Helps streamline measurement- intensive exams to enable the user to label, measure and describe anatomy quickly and confidently, as well as generate necessary reports.


Additional features for improved ultrasound procedures:

  • Hardware and software including a new processor and Windows 7 operating platform, delivering more capacity, faster boot-up time and transition speed.
  • A 19-inch monitor featuring an articulating arm enables adjustments for enhanced comfort while scanning.
  • Optional four pin-less active ports allow more transducers to be connected and accessible.
  • Updated touch panel user interface enhances clarity and efficiency.
  • Optional support for wireless networking in settings from small offices to large installations, with support for enterprise level authentication.


Upgrades to Logiq S7 include:

  • A broad range of transducers: Eight new E-Series transducers to help clinicians achieve image quality in more applications.
  • Enhanced portability: wireless connectivity and the new Power Assistant.
  • Power Assistant: A battery feature that helps enable clinicians to quickly perform portable exams by reducing power-up and power-down tasks by up to 90 percent.
  • Cardiac package: Includes AutoEF, physio input panel for  electrocardiograms (ECG), ECG capability with long leads and clips, Tissue Velocity Imaging (TVI), and Q-analysis to plot the velocity information of discrete points for graphical analysis.
  • AutoEF: Automated Ejection Fraction is a semi-automatic measurement tool used for measurement of the global EF via tracking of B-mode cine loops.
  • Integrated Smart Stress Echo Package: This tool helps users perform image acquisition, review, image optimization and wall segment scoring and reporting for a comprehensive, efficient stress echo examination. The Compare Assistant, productivity packages and Windows 7 operating platform are also upgrades to the LOGIQ S7.


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