2View LLC recently introduced the 2View, a container used for transporting and imaging breast specimens while keeping them untouched.

With a 2View, the surgeon oversees placement of the specimen in the container and directs the OR staff to apply just enough retention pressure to hold the specimen in place without distortion.

The container can be used for transport and imaging, and can supply orthogonal views. There is no need to open the 2View, nor to compress or manipulate the specimen. The specimen remains untouched until it is removed from the container in Pathology.

Surgeons who remove breast specimens and send them for mammographic interpretation may worry that compression or manipulation will either interfere with or damage the margins they have excised. Clinical articles have been written which indicate that compression can create false negative margins in some cases (pancake phenomena) or that manipulation of the specimen can create false positive margins by damaging the tissue after excision.

The 2View provides a method for viewing the specimen in multiple orthogonal views without being compressed or manipulated. Once these views are obtained and reviewed, the radiologist can report with confidence back to the surgeon what the margin conditions are. The specimen continues on to pathology in its original condition, giving the pathologist greater confidence in his margin analysis as well.

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