News | April 24, 2015

Volpara Solutions Hits International Milestone with Installation in 31st Country

Combined with RIS, system automatically includes breast density scores in results reports for Belgian physician

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April 24, 2015 — Volpara Solutions announced the installation of VolparaDensity in Belgium, marking the 31st country where the system has been implemented. New installations were also recently completed in Canada, Turkey, Korea, Japan and the United Kingdom.

"We've been using Volpara at our imaging clinic for the past nine months and we have full confidence in Volpara's automated, volumetric density assessments of our patients’ mammograms. My staff has been very pleased with Volpara's ease of installation and simplicity of operation,” noted Francis Cuigniez, M.D., of Ghent, Belgium. “Additionally, Volpara has been integrated with our RIS [radiology information system] to automatically include breast density scores into the results report that is shared with patients and their referring physicians.”

According to Cuigniez, who participates in the official screening program organized by the Flemish Health System offering free mammograms on a biennial basis, “we counsel patients whose breast density scores fall within the ACR [American College of Radiology] Breast Density Categories of "C" and "D" about their increased risk of breast cancer and recommend they talk with their doctors about the possible need for additional imaging, such as ultrasound. In the future, I believe it's conceivable that adjunctive ultrasound reimbursement will only be approved for patients who have very dense breasts. Having Volpara installed helps us to establish future billing profiles and justifications for additional imaging procedures."

VolparaDensity helps radiologists objectively assess density from both digital mammography and tomosynthesis images to help doctors evaluate who might benefit from additional screening. Highly correlated to breast magnetic resonance (MR) assessments, VolparaDensity automatically generates an objective measurement of volumetric breast density correlated to the ACR breast composition categories. 

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