News | May 04, 2015

Viztek Introduces New U-Arm System

Digital X-ray system accommodates broad range of exams in any position

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Image courtesy of Viztek

May 4, 2015 — Viztek announced the availability of the Basic U-Arm, a new U-Arm digital X-ray system. Ideal for urgent care and orthopedic settings, among others, the system combines the benefits of a typical U-Arm system at an affordable entry point for many facilities. 

A key advantage of the Basic U-Arm system is its ability to do a broader range of exams than a standard straight arm. Imaging professionals can do a true cross-table lateral, standing hip and table hip exams with the system, benefiting from the greater flexibility and improved workflow. Whether a patient needs to be standing, sitting or lying, or has physically restrictive movement, the exam can be accommodated. The floor to wall mount supported system is equipped with a dual-speed, motorized swivel arm that makes vertical movement effortless and accurate. 

In addition to workflow benefits, the Viztek U-Arm provides excellent image quality at lower doses with its 17 x 17 cesium iodide (CsI) detector. It also runs on the latest Viztek Ultra software platform, which enables everything to be done on one screen, improving the overall workflow and allowing more time for patient care. The software is also customizable, allowing physicians and technologists to preset the user-friendly controls to capture the necessary views to make a confident diagnosis. 

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