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Sirona leads a set of clinically-validated capabilities that amplifies the efficiency and precision of lung nodule assessment, improving diagnostic quality for the leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States

Sirona leads a set of clinically-validated capabilities that amplifies the efficiency and precision of lung nodule assessment, improving diagnostic quality for the leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States.

November 22, 2022 — Sirona Medical, the leader in cloud-native radiology workflow software, today announced a comprehensive distribution and collaboration partnership with RevealDX and the integration of Nines' FDA-cleared automated measurement tool recently acquired by Sirona to improve end to end care for patients with lung nodules. 

"There are several  limitations to lung cancer screening programs. The most notable are inefficient methods for nodule detection and measurement as well as suboptimal specificity for lung cancer detection," notes Dr. Mohit Naik, M.D., President of Hackensack Radiology Group (HRG). "Sirona Medical is in a unique position to solve both of these challenges. Sirona's automated lung nodule measurement tool will dramatically streamline radiologists' workflow. Furthermore their  partnership with Reveal-DX will help identify nodules at highest risk for malignancy. HRG is excited to deepen our partnership with Sirona and incorporate this comprehensive solution into our workflow." 

HRG and Triad Radiology Associates (TRA), two of the nation's leading private radiology practices, have partnered with Sirona to use the comprehensive solution after production testing early next year, and to develop additional tools to deliver better lung cancer care to their patients going forward. 

Sirona's core Workspace platform provides radiologists with a cloud-native workflow solution, delivering the viewing, reporting, universal worklist, and PACS archive that radiologists need in a unified zero-footprint format. Embedded into Sirona Workspace, the Sirona+RevealDX lung workflow can be deployed as an overlay to practices' existing PACS & RIS systems. This provides meaningful value to radiologists quickly and easily: 

  • Significant Return on Investment: Starting in 2023, providers in the United States can submit for reimbursement to CMS (HOPPS) using code 0721T/0722T (APC 1508 Level 8) which is paid between $600 and $700 (contingent on pending FDA clearance for RevealDX in 2023). 
  • Swift, simple integration: Sirona's novel cloud-native architecture enables customers to go live within a week of contracting (20-40 hrs of one IT resource's time). A DICOM & HL7 feed is all that's required to integrate, no servers necessary. 
  • Software cost savings: Preferred pricing on PACS Archiving and other Sirona solutions. 
  • Efficiency & quality in a single click: Faster, higher-quality diagnoses powered by a new approach to clinical AI. 

"Sirona is re-architecting radiology IT from first principles, allowing powerful software tools like artificial intelligence to finally have the transformational impact on clinical radiology that they should," said Cameron Andrews, Founder and CEO of Sirona Medical. "Our partnership with RevealDX illustrates Sirona's broader ambition: by giving 3rd party developers the tools to embed AI deeply into every aspect of the clinical workflow, Sirona can deliver tools to radiologists that help them practice more effectively, efficiently, and profitably." 

Sirona's integration will give radiologists an end to end, streamlined lung workflow: 

  1. One-click measurement of lung nodule short and long axis, and the nodule's malignancy Similarity Index (mSI) which clinical studies1 show can inform clinical decision making, resulting in fewer unnecessary procedures and a quicker diagnosis. 
  2. Auto-formatted phrasing instantly placed into a report's findings and impressions with no extra dictation required. 
  3. Auto-insertion of a Lung-RADS score and follow up recommendation into follow up management worklists. 

"One often cited reason for delayed adoption of AI by radiologists is that it can create more work for the radiologist, often with questionable impact on patient care," says Dr. Lauren Nicola, MD, CEO at Triad Radiology Associates and Chief Medical Officer of RevealDX. "We're developing this in response to a need for AI applications to be seamlessly integrated into radiologist workflow. By uniquely integrating a high value AI application into the radiologist viewer and reporter, we can achieve more efficient, better diagnoses, concisely communicated in structured, standardized format." 

The partnership, first noted in 2021, will enable RevealDx to integrate their CE-marked RevealAI-Lung algorithm into Sirona's unified radiology platform, making it easier for radiologists to implement the AI model into practice. RevealDX anticipates FDA clearance in early 2023. Sirona will showcase this solution at the RSNA conference booth #4113 later this month. 

"The cloud-native, scalable AI infrastructure of RevealDX and Sirona working together is the model that healthcare aspires to," says Chris Wood, CEO of RevealDx.  "Clinical studies show that a 29% reduction in false positives and a 45% increase in early diagnosis is possible with RevealAI-Lung1. Our partnership with Sirona will allow us to efficiently deliver these benefits to customers." 

"AI will be the key to radiology's value-based future - giving radiologists the tools to amplify their impact on downstream healthcare, and payers the mechanism to finally quantify and incentivize quality effectively," adds Sirona's Andrews. "To realize this future, radiologists must find new and innovative ways to pass value back to the EMR. We at Sirona look forward to supercharging the value that radiologists can send to downstream physicians and their clinical workflows, for lung screening and all other applications." 

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