Case Study | October 06, 2011

Saving Precious Time in the OR

The KUBTEC XPERT 40 has become an invaluable system in Bryn Mawr Hospital breast center’s operating room.

Saving Precious Time in the OR

Bryn Mawr Hospital has been recognized as a top hospital by both U.S. News and World Report and Thompson Reuters.

“The time we save is priceless,” said Thomas G. Frazier, M.D., medical director of the Comprehensive Breast Center at the Bryn Mawr Hospital, referring to their use of the KUBTEC XPERT 40 specimen radiography system in the operating room. A nationally recognized surgical oncologist specializing in breast cancer, he performed the first immediate breast reconstruction surgery in the Philadelphia area. He uses the XPERT 40 at Bryn Mawr Hospital, “at least four or five times a week, maybe more, in the operating room alone!”

In addition to eliminating delays of inter-operative transfers to radiology, images are available in seconds with the XPERT 40. Rapid image acquisition, user-friendly image enhancement software and a touchscreen monitor gives Dr. Frazier the ability to orient and evaluate an image right in the OR without breaking scrub.

When the hospital purchased KUBTEC’s XPERT 40 upon his recommendation, the benefits of the system were evident immediately. As the medical director of the Breast Center and a senior attending surgeon at the hospital, Dr. Frazier understands the importance of keeping the bottom line in check while providing high-quality patient care. The XPERT 40 brought, and continues to bring, great benefits in time and cost savings, and it frees the Bryn Mawr staff to do what it does best, deliver high-quality patient care.

Dr. Frazier, who is also a clinical professor of surgery at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, as well as the program director of the Breast Fellowship Program at Bryn Mawr Hospital, was introduced to KUBTEC’s XPERT 40 at the American Society of Breast Surgeons 2009 annual meeting in San Diego, Calif. He had seen the potential value of a portable specimen radiography system for intra-operative breast surgery, and having reviewed the capabilities of other specimen radiography systems, Dr. Frazier was impressed with the innovative technology the XPERT 40 offered.

“The quality of the images was excellent,” he said. “The ease of use and clear value the XPERT 40 offered made the decision easy for us.”

Leading edge technology, advanced reliability and high-quality imaging capabilities with KUBTEC’s XPERT 40 enhances the Bryn Mawr Breast Center’s ability to continue delivery of award-winning patient care.

Case study supplied by KUBTEC.

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