News | September 24, 2012

Open MRI of Pueblo Tests Aromatherapy on Claustrophobic MRI Patients

Aromatherapy induced gowns create a calming environment

Oasis MRI Hitachi

September 24, 2012—Open MRI of Pueblo has begun using aromatherapy-induced gowns while using their newest open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine, the Oasis, to create a calming environment and make for a better patient experience. Open MRI of Pueblo is doing this to help relax the patients and give them improved overall comfort. MRIs can make some feel claustrophobic, but using an open MRI like the Oasis and wearing aromatherapy induced gowns can calm fears of claustrophobia and relieve anxiety by giving patients the feeling and smell of a calming environment.

Marcia Taber, a patient since 2006, has always been severely claustrophobic. Always needing oral medication and comfort, Heather Collins and an MR tech have both gone into the room with Taber to hold her hand and ease her stress. For her last two exams, Taber was the tester for Open MRIs new approach with aromatherapy. Staff members dabbed some all-natural organic scented oils onto a cotton ball and placed it inside cheesecloth to be placed on the patient’s chest, so that the patient can breathe in the relaxing aroma throughout the exam.

Taber stated that the test worked very well and she felt that it did help her get through the exams. Sure enough, she finished the last two exams on her own. Taber picked lavender and vanilla scents, but Open MRI of Pueblo also offers lemongrass and sandalwood, or tangerine and peppermint.

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