News | Neuro Imaging | January 31, 2017

Software will help reach more complete, accurate diagnosis for patients with head and chronic brain injuries

CereScan, Northwest Community Healthcare, NCH, qSPECT, brain imaging software

January 31, 2017 — CereScan has increased its functional brain diagnostics network with the addition of Northwest Community Healthcare (NCH) in Arlington Heights, Ill. Patients in the Midwest region who are suffering from lingering head and brain injuries may now use the software designed to statistically measure brain diagnostics to understand the biological basis of their symptoms for a more direct path to treatment and recovery.

Headquartered in Denver, CereScan uses its patented process to combine patient-clinical information, functional brain imaging and advanced processing software to help medical providers and their patients find a more complete and accurate diagnosis. The software measures blood flow in up to 160 regions of the brain, which can reveal how cells are working in the brain. Through its agreement, NCH has integrated CereScan’s process, using qSPECT (quantitative single photon emission computed tomography) imaging data to assist referring physicians in the evaluation of complex neurological conditions.

“CereScan values the practice philosophy of NCH. Both parties believe that every person is unique and so is their diagnosis and treatment,” said neurosurgeon Shaun T. O’Leary, M.D., Ph.D., FAANS. “Through the clinical data, the innovations and the imaging software available through CereScan, we have a plethora of resources to make NCH an even higher-quality institution for brain disorders.”

Headed by O’Leary, NCH’s Neuroscience Center will provide patients with full-service care for brain injuries. The NCH Neuroscience Center specializes in treating complex neurological conditions affecting the brain, nerves and spinal cord.

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