News | February 12, 2009

Medipattern Launches B-CAD-FOR-LIFE

February 12, 2009 - The Medipattern Corp. said its new sales model for accessing the benefits of B-CAD offers all of the separate components that are required to install, train, use and maintain B-CAD as one package under one monthly service fee.

Medipattern is aiming to effectively manage the service of providing computer-aided detection (CAD) for breast ultrasound imaging for its customers with the B-CAD-FOR-LIFE plan.

"We first spotted B-CAD for the benefits that it could offer our practice early last year, but we are a small business on a tight budget," said Olga Tsireshkin, M.D., founder of XXI Century Radiology and Imaging, P. C. located in Brooklyn, NY. "With B-CAD-FOR-LIFE, Medipattern still owns its asset, B-CAD; installs it, trains our staff in how to use it and maintains it for a monthly fee. This can give XXI Century immediate access to all of the benefits of B-CAD: saving time in documenting each case, improving communication of detailed information, that CAD second opinion, and reimbursement for the procedure in an affordable package. Another important benefit we gain is reporting, before B-CAD we paid a transcription fee for every line on every report, with B-CAD the information is communicated in a concise report - as an automatic part of the procedure. This eliminates transcription fees, reduces human errors, and saves our radiologists the time that they had spent double checking their reports. Our sonographers can make detailed notes electronically now and our radiologists review the Sonographer worksheet plus the CAD information. B-CAD is much more efficient."

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