News | Digital Radiography (DR) | July 31, 2020

Esaote and WDM Enter Agreement on Digital Radiology

Under a partnership with WDM, Esaote expands its range and boosts its capacity to respond to the demands of the international market

Franco Fontana, CEO of the Esaote Group, and Xie Yufeng, Chairman of WDM.

Franco Fontana, CEO of the Esaote Group, and Xie Yufeng, Chairman of WDM.

July 31, 2020 — In the thick of the COVID-19 emergency, Esaote, an Italian world leader in dedicated ultrasound and magnetic resonance systems (MRI), delivered and installed over 50 WDM M40-1A portable digital radiological devices when awarded contracts under public competitions held by Italy's national healthcare system.

This new operation for Esaote demonstrated the company's ability to expand into different fields of medical imaging, achieving prestigious results. The new agreement further reinforces the synergy and partnership between Esaote and WDM, China's biggest listed manufacturer of medical devices, a member of the consortium of primary Chinese investors who purchased the share capital of the Esaote Group in 2018.

X-ray systems for M40-1A mobile digital radiography are diagnostic tools offering a particularly high level of performance and portability. The devices' innovative technology and efficiency makes them ideal for use in radiology and orthopedics, in the operating theater, on the emergency ward, in intensive care and in other medical departments for acquiring digital radiographies of all body parts, including the head, chest, limbs, spinal column, lumbar column and abdomen. The device's low weight and small size mean it can be taken anywhere quickly and easily, conveniently reaching patients' bedsides: a particularly valuable asset during the pandemic.

"We're very happy with this result," reported Franco Fontana, CEO of the Esaote Group. "Our partnership with our shareholders is growing stronger and stronger. We have worked with them on a plan for making the most of synergies in order to boost our presence on international markets (which already account for about 70% of Esaote's revenues). Looking beyond the immediate future and the impact of the pandemic, we believe that action arising out of an effective requirement of the national health service will become a structured partnership that will allow both companies to improve their position." 

"We are very pleased to acknowledge that Esaote and WDM are expanding their collaboration into a new field, to help health systems cope with the impact of Covid-19 pandemic," declared Xie Yufeng, Chairman of WDM. "Our Companies share the same values of professionalism and dedication and are committed to offer high quality products and service, thus contributing to improve human health. We trust in pursuing ever better goals, based on cooperation and development."

Esaote, which was on the front lines of the Covid-19 emergency with its ultrasound systems, began marketing the portable digital radiology systems in March, supplying more than 50 systems in just over two months, including 30 systems for So.Re.Sa. Spa, the official supplier of medical services for the Region of Campania.

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