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By providing affordable, high-quality POCUS (point-of-care ultrasound) with whole-body imaging technology, EagleView Ultrasound allows clinicians to quickly access ultrasound images anytime, anywhere.

EagleView ultrasound introduced its wireless portable ultrasound device, which provides ultrasound imaging much freedom, and makes the point-of-care solution more affordable too

January 4, 2022 — The future of ultrasound is happening — fast — and it doesn’t cost that much more than an iPhone. At the beginning of 2021, EagleView ultrasound introduced its wireless portable ultrasound device, which provides ultrasound imaging much freedom, and makes the point-of-care solution more affordable too.

EagleView dual-head ultrasound is a wireless ultrasound probe that connects to the tablet or phone with an iOS and Android app. With different types of ultrasound transducers included, it works as a linear probe ultrasound, convex probe, and phased array ultrasound probe at the same time. It can switch from deep scans to shallow ones with just a flip. There are 15 specialties fulfilled such as vascular, MSK, abdomen, cardiac, gynecology, obstetric, urology, kidney, and lung. In addition, 5 modes are provided without any required membership: B-mode, M-mode, Color Doppler, Power Doppler, and Pulsed Wave Doppler. As an ultrasound probe for iPhone and Android phones, this point-of-care ultrasound machine is easy to carry due to its small size and is friendly to use as it ditches all wires and connects through WiFi.

The portability and affordability of the EagleView POCUS probe can let every clinician or even medical school student own one. Small enough to fit in the pocket, this probe at a price of about 3k USD weighs only over 200 grams. The development team condensed traditional cart-based ultrasound into a small probe, which highly decreased its size and difficulty of disinfection. This probe with a built-in battery is able to scan continuously for 3-5 hours. Furthermore, EagleView combines linear, curved, and phased arrays into one single probe, which makes it a whole-body imaging solution. Its excellent imaging technology and one-button design also offer easy image capture. The easy-to-use app is free to display real-time scans, save images and video clips, and share, record patients’ information, providing users with maximum operation freedom.

EagleView wireless portable ultrasound is expected to become a popular point-of-care diagnostic tool for healthcare professionals in the future. It may gradually enter homes and make a difference in telemedicine. With a mission to make bedside ultrasound available to everyone, EagleView is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality ultrasounds to clinicians, physicians, students, and healthcare organizations. Many doctors and physicians have sent back case studies and wireless ultrasound probe reviews of EagleView. They have proved that EagleView ultrasound is actually helping clinicians to diagnose and did help them do sono-guided interventions. EagleView also promises to improve its products and services in the future according to users` suggestions.

This pocket-sized ultrasound is a great breakthrough in probe technology, which brings creative imagination to the application and scenario of visualization in medical care. Such a new technology brings great convenience to doctors in clinical emergencies, ward rounds, outpatient clinics, etc. The traditional process of examination with a large ultrasound machine often takes a long time and delays the timing in emergency rooms, while the operation with this wireless probe is the fastest and most timely way that can be achieved. With wireless features making the disinfection process faster and safer, EagleView has shown its ability in monitoring COVID-19 with lung examinations. As long as doctors or clinicians carry this ultrasound in pockets, they can get fast ultrasound images anywhere, anytime.

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