Technology | July 20, 2008

CIVCO Locks In Patient Positioning for SBRT

CIVCO Medical Solutions is introducing the new CIVCO SBRT Body-Lok. The modular CIVCO Body-Lok system functions as a base for indexable patient positioning, reportedly secure immobilization and patient transport. The modular nature of the product is said to make it adaptable to the individual department’s technology and needs.

The Body-Lok system allows for indexing of all related patient treatment devices and is capable of being moved as a unit. This capacity makes it possible for patients to be staged or imaged in another room and then transported to the treatment room. Several different mounting options for positioning and immobilization devices make the unit extremely flexible.

While allowing for several different immobilization techniques, it further provides a structure for comfortably stabilizing patients with a bridge system and various attachments. Based on the Vac-Lok system which attaches to a carbon fiber frame, the device is comfortable for the patient which will help to minimize patient motion. A simple rail attachment will also be available when a carbon fiber frame is not required.

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Images courtesy of Techno-Aide

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