Technology | September 21, 2009

Carestream Molecular Imaging Releases New Bone Density Image Analysis Software

September 21, 2009 — Carestream Molecular Imaging, a division of Carestream Health, Inc., announced worldwide availability of a new Bone Density Software application that performs bone density analysis of small animals in vivo and measures mineral density of specimens in vitro.

The software can expedite calculation and reporting for numerous applications ranging from the study of diseases of the bone such as arthritis and osteoporosis to the efficacy of drugs and other treatment options that may affect bone mineral and other densities.
Offered as an optional module for Carestream Molecular Imaging Software used by tens of thousands of researchers worldwide, the new application delivers a sophisticated numerical analysis that goes beyond traditional bone density software tools. It uses a cylindrical model that provides measurements not only of the density of the bone, but also of the bone marrow, the size of the bone and the thickness of the bone wall—all important parameters for tracking and monitoring disease development.
Unlike whole body bone density measurement systems, which often make it difficult to interpret global measurements, Carestream Molecular Imaging’s Bone Density Software utilizes low-dose “soft” x-rays imaged with high spatial resolution—allowing researchers to measure specific segments of single long bones.
 “A distinct advantage of our new software is that users are able to very precisely analyze specific bone density changes,” said Bill McLaughlin, Director of Research and Advanced Applications, Carestream Molecular Imaging. “This new method is not only more accurate, it is also more efficient and can contribute to early detection and monitoring of disease studies, developmental abnormalities and therapeutic treatments.”
The software is designed for use with Carestream Molecular Imaging’s In-Vivo Imaging FX Pro, Multispectral FX and DXS 4000 Pro Systems. The Imaging System FX Pro and Multispectral FX combine high-sensitivity optical molecular imaging and high-resolution digital x-ray to deliver precise anatomical localization of molecular and cellular biomarkers, while the DXS 4000 produces high-resolution radiographs of medical, life science and material science research specimens. With exceptional resolution of up to 25 line pairs per millimeter without geometric magnification, the DXS 4000 system offers the highest resolution available for digital specimen radiography.
Carestream Molecular Imaging’s Bone Density Software is currently available worldwide.

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