News | July 18, 2014

Brit Roentgen Cloud Utilized for Onco Radiology and Interventional Radiology Workshop

July 18, 2014 — Brit Systems’ Roentgen Cloud image sharing and viewing solution was recently used for an educational workshop on oncology imaging. The Onco Radiology and Interventional Radiology Workshop was held earlier this year in Bangalore, India, and was sponsored by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and Health Care Global Enterprises (HCG). Brit Systems was the exclusive iCloud sponsor.

Roentgen Cloud is a secure, browser-based platform for viewing, sharing and archiving medical images. With a zero footprint capability, images can be securely uploaded to Brit Cloud from any Internet browser in the world. The solution’s digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) archive supports mobile viewing from tablets and smartphones, as well as from any HTML-5 compliant browser.

As part of the educational format, the hands-on workshop provided an opportunity for attendees to gain experience reading MRI oncology studies stored on the Roentgen Cloud servers located in the United States via Brit’s Webworks zero-footprint viewer. Nearly 100 magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) cases, each with 400-600 images, were uploaded to the Roentgen Cloud and made readily available online, giving participants the chance to interact with the viewer/server and read the studies just as they would in clinical practice. Thirty attendees participated in the three-day conference designed to provide training in a rapidly emerging molecular imaging field in India.

“BRIT has the feature options to accommodate dynamic medical training and continued education programs effectively. We were able to introduce a production DICOM viewer with approximately 100 MRI cases as part of the workshop platform in no time,” says Yassin Sallam, National Sales Manager, BRIT Systems. “In this case the Osirix plug-in was deemed the most effective utility to upload the studies more efficiently. There are many components in putting together a program of this caliber, and we were pleased to assist in the timely delivery of the images to ensure a successful workshop.”

BRIT also provides additional tools for uploading large volumes of medical images quickly, such as the nearly 100 MRI studies containing hundreds of images for the workshop.

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