Blog | November 27, 2013

RSNA 2013: The Premier Event for Radiology

By Melinda Taschetta-Millane, editorial director

Today marks the first of six full days of educational programs for radiologists, radiation oncologists, physicists in medicine, radiologic technologists and allied professionals as the 99th scientific assembly and annual meeting of the radiological Society of North America (RSNA) kicks off. This premier radiology forum attracts attendees from more than 100 countries across the world.

The day started out on a high note with the Opening Session, with Sarah S. Donaldson, M.D., president of RSNA, presiding. During the President’s Address, titled “The Power of Partnership,” she stressed that in the current healthcare environment, radiologists need to re-examine their traditional expectations, attitudes and behaviors in order to embrace a requisite change in culture that builds partnerships throughout radiology, the general medical community, and the larger community of patients and families. Her address illustrated the perils of technology that have unintentionally fragmented radiology and radiologists.

The 2013 Outstanding Educator Award was presented to Bruce G. Haffty, M.D., chair, radiation oncology, at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. The Outstanding Researcher Award was presented to Norbert J. Pelc, Sc.D., professor of radiology and associate chair for research, radiology, and Stanford University School of Medicine.

The coming week offers imaging professionals numerous opportunities to hear the latest news and view the newest technology. It also will showcase the impact of medical imaging.

Study findings and other news that breaks from RSNA during the coming week will be posted on Also visit the RSNA FastPass microsite,, with information about hundreds of products on display in the RSNA exhibit halls. Several of them are highlighted below.

Enjoy the meeting!

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