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Using Ziosoft Automated-Preprocessing to Streamline Workflow

Using Ziosoft Automated-Preprocessing to Streamline Workflow and Make Efficiency and Improved Patient Outcomes a Top Priority

Using Ziosoft Automated-Preprocessing to Streamline Workflow and Make Efficiency and Improved Patient Outcomes a Top Priority
Using Ziosoft Automated-Preprocessing to Streamline Workflow and Make Efficiency and Improved Patient Outcomes a Top Priority

As a 515-bed full-service healthcare facility, Adventist Health Glendale (AHGL) fully understands the importance of efficiency and productivity — from acquisition and processing to study analysis and diagnosis. When Adventist Health Glendale recognized the inefficiencies in its study processing workflow, a progressive technical solution was sought to save time, money and resources, all while maintaining the highest patient care. Ziostation2’s Automatic Preprocessing proved to be the advanced visualization platform to take their processing workflows to the next level of efficiency.


Addressing the Constraints of Conventional Image Processing

As a center that performs thousands of scans and processes thousands of studies per year, Adventist Health Glendale recognizes the productivity challenges that come with this high processing workload. 

“The process of selecting the appropriate protocol, loading the study, waiting for processing to complete, to finally reading and analyzing is an extremely intensive process. All these redundant tasks negatively impact turnaround time and patient outcomes,” explained James Wu, M.D., Ph.D., Medical Director for the Radiology Department at Adventist Health Glendale.


Streamlining Workflows Through a Powerful Automated Preprocessing Solution

Adventist Health Glendale relies on the Automatic Preprocessing functionality of Ziostation2 to eliminate the time-consuming constraints of conventional processing solutions. 

Routine and repetitive actions can be completely automated using Ziostation2, thereby fully eliminating the need for human intervention during image processing. “Ziostation2 allows us to set custom macros to automate a variety of different workflows in our department. Appropriate protocols are automatically started and study images are processed in the background,” said Clayton Lau, Radiology Director at Adventist Health Glendale.


Delivering Increased Efficiency for Better Patient Outcomes

By automatically loading and processing studies in the background, Ziostation2 Automatic Preprocessing greatly reduces the waiting time for study reading. With full control over Automatic Preprocessing macro settings, endless workflows can be streamlined based on acquisition protocols. 

“After implementing Automatic Preprocessing in our department to fit our objectives, we’ve been able to greatly reduce the time it takes from acquisition to reading room. This has dramatically increased our efficiency and productivity,” said Rafael Rodriguez, CT/MRI Supervisor at Adventist Health Glendale.

For more information: www.ziosoftinc.com

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