News | Medical 3-D Printing | December 06, 2023

New software solution allows hospitals to track 3D printing and planning workflow, ensuring each step is quality-compliant 

New software solution allows hospitals to track 3D printing and planning workflow, ensuring each step is quality-compliant

December 6, 2023 — Materialise, a global leader in 3D planning and printing services for the medical industry, has introduced Mimics Flow Case Management, a case management solution for hospital point-of-care 3D printing labs. The new offering enables hospitals to enforce quality management within 3D workflows, digitally streamline point-of-care and 3D printing processes, and empower collaboration between clinicians, 3D lab leaders, and engineers. 

Personalized patient care is increasingly becoming a reality, driven by technological advancements such as 3D printing and advanced visualization techniques. Increased accessibility of 3D printing in the medical field has led to significant growth of applications using the technologies. However, hospitals are missing the right tools to scale their 3D printing and planning activities, ensure quality compliance, and enable better patient care. 

“Point of care 3D labs are becoming more common as hospitals see the value in onsite 3D printing and advanced visualization for personalized patient care,” said Brigitte de Vet-Veithen, Vice President of Materialise Medical. “With the new Mimics Flow solution, Materialise offers 3D labs and the clinicians who rely on them a complete case management system to better organize, track, and collaborate on cases.” 

Mimics Flow integrates with Mimics Innovation Suite 26, the medical image-based engineering toolbox, to provide a single workspace for all stakeholders, including 3D lab engineers and leaders, and clinicians requesting 3D services. With this single workspace, administrators can view all operational work, while clinicians and engineers have individual user profiles with their access interface and personalized rights. This streamlined process and access help scale operations, organize and manage files, and improve efficiency in point-of-care 3D printing activities. 

Quality management features in Mimics Flow Case Management enable hospitals to implement checks and controls within their workflow, ensuring each case meets quality requirements. Users can record quality metrics and leverage the data to measure, analyze, and optimize their 3D planning and printing processes. In addition, automatically generated Case History Reports and action logs help ensure seamless compliance and promote high-quality delivery. 

The user-friendly 3D Viewer accelerates the approval process and increases clinician engagement by enabling both the 3D lab and clinician to provide feedback and updates on the status of each case. 

In addition to improving collaboration among hospital stakeholders, Mimics Flow Case Management can be used as a patient and peer communication tool. Using the 3D viewer during consultations allows clinicians to share or open a view of their 3D models from any device. 

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