Technology | Quality Assurance (QA) | October 22, 2014

Ultrasound Phantoms Aid QA Testing

Gammex 410 family provides all required quality control indicators for testing ultrasound systems

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Gammex 410 Multipurpose Ultrasound Accreditation Phantoms image courtesy of Gammex Inc.

October 22, 2014 — The Gammex 410 family of ultrasound phantoms lets users pick and choose what level of testing is right for quality assurance. All 410 phantoms allow evaluation of uniformity and artifacts, geometric accuracy and system sensitivity economically. This phantom provides a standard of quality assurance required for routine testing of ultrasound scanning systems.

The 410 family of phantoms offers multiple scanning surfaces, including the new Full Contact curved surface allowing you to easily test different transducer designs. All 410 models use the same patented aluminum composite scanning interface and Gammex’s MultiFrequency HE Gel to accurately simulate human tissues. Gammex ultrasound gels have been shown to have a superior linear response of attenuation-to-frequency and improved axial resolution at frequencies greater than 7MHz compared to other commercially avail- able ultrasound tissue-mimicking materials.

Other features of the Gammex 410 family include:

  • Utilization of Gammex’s tissue mimicking gel  
  • Multiple scanning surfaces to easily test all types of transducer shapes
  • Uniformity assessments
  • Sensitivity assessments
  • Dead zone assessments
  • Harmonic imaging
  • Provides all the required quality control indicators for testing ultrasound systems
  • Distance accuracy
  • Image uniformity
  • Axial and lateral resolution
  • Cyst imaging capabilities
  • Depth of penetration
  • Compact design

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