News | November 09, 2006

TeraRecon announced today the launch of iNtuition, a new unified platform architecture for its Aquarius product line, designed to optimize its enterprise-wide volumetric image management on a fully client-server based architecture and alleviate bottlenecks created by large image data sets produced on modalities such as 64-slice MDCT.
As many stand-alone 3-D workstations get backed logged by slice overload, iNtuition is engineered to manage large volumes of image data and function as a 3-D workstation, a reading tool for diagnosing physicians and a review tool for the referring physician. The solution includes automated pre-processing – AquariusAPS – which can be programmed to automatically process images to perform bone removal or detection centerlines, for example, in order to save the reading physician time on editing the image. It can also be programmed to transfer directly to a 3-D technologist prior to allowing the referring physician to access the 3-D results.

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