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St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, the largest acute private hospital in Dublin, announced a five-year contract with AGFA HealthCare including Enterprise Imaging for both radiology and breast imaging

St. Vincent’s Private Hospital, the largest acute private hospital in Dublin, announced a five-year contract with AGFA HealthCare including Enterprise Imaging for both radiology and breast imaging

May 16, 2024 —  AGFA HealthCare announced that St. Vincent’s Private Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, has chosen to implement AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging. This five-year agreement includes enterprise imaging for both radiology and breast imaging, structured and precision reporting modules, Best in KLAS XERO Universal Viewer, AGFA’s Scheduling solution, Business Intelligence, Patients and Clinician portal, and a Managed Services contract.

Near-real-time image access 

St. Vincent’s Private Hospital is the largest acute private hospital in Dublin and part of the only integrated multi-hospital campus in Ireland. The Enterprise Imaging Platform will deliver the advanced capabilities and robust availability that the hospital needs. 

“St. Vincent’s Private Hospital is a unique healthcare environment. As we are on the same grounds as St. Vincent’s University Hospital, we can share resources, expertise and medical facilities with this leading academic teaching establishment. This enables us to deal with a high volume of patients, often who have complex medical requirements. Imaging is core to this care. AGFA HealthCare’s Enterprise Imaging will give us the reliable, robust platform that we need, whilst delivering very fast access to studies. Furthermore, AGFA HealthCare is able to support this system with managed services and monitoring that will maximise our uptime, while minimising the burden on our own resources,” says Tim Aseervatham, Healthcare/Diagnostic Informatics Manager for St. Vincent’s Private Hospital. 

“We are proud of the trust that St. Vincent’s Private Hospital – a key healthcare player in Ireland – is placing in AGFA HealthCare. This further demonstrates the success of our long-standing commitment to delivering solutions that improve the delivery of healthcare to patients in both the private and public healthcare sector in Ireland and beyond. Enterprise Imaging enables the creation of a secure, modular and scalable ecosystem, which helps the hospital to reduce complexity, improve clinical collaboration, and enhance workflow efficiency. By empowering all users to access imaging studies in near-real-time, it will allow them to focus on tasks that add value to both their patients’ care and experience,” says Colin Foley, Regional Business Manager for AGFA HealthCare Ireland. 

Seamless care and collaboration 

The Radiology Department at St. Vincent’s Private Hospital is one of the largest radiology services in the country, offering a full range of diagnostic and interventional services. It performs over 65,000 studies every year, including X-ray, CT, mammography, MRI, ultrasound, fluoroscopy and DEXA. The department is made up of 18 consultant radiologists working in conjunction with highly qualified radiographers and nurses and supported by experienced administrators.  

Enterprise Imaging will integrate with the hospital’s existing pillar and patient referral systems and will replace all paper-based workflows. The five-year agreement includes: 

  • Enterprise Imaging for Radiology and Breast Imaging: a one-of-a-kind, seamless and secure platform designed to build a connected, collaborative, and scalable community of care. Enterprise Imaging delivers "life in flow" to meet radiologists’ daily challenges through a highly focused, efficient and customizable experience. 
  • Best in KLAS XERO Universal Viewer: provides patient-centric image access across the enterprise, with pixel streaming in near-real time on almost any device with no downloads or data moves, and enhanced viewing with clinical depth, collaboration and sharing, all on a single web viewer.  
  • Business Intelligence: enables easy-to-access reports and tools for gathering, organizing, analyzing and managing clinical, quality, financial and administrative data. 
  • Scheduling: facilitates managing appointments and orders for even the most complex imaging procedures in one easy and quick web-based application.  
  • Structured and precision reporting, including ACR BI-RADS® ATLAS and ACR PI-RADS ATLAS: fully integrated in the Enterprise Imaging Platform, it combines customization with automation to support clear communication and enhanced decision-making. 
  • Workflow orchestration: intelligently and automatically assigns tasks to radiologists, based on the chosen criteria.  
  • Collaboration tools: support multidisciplinary teams with the multimedia patient images they need, wherever they are, including at the point of care.  
  • Actionable findings notification: closes the loop between radiologists and clinicians through rapid and effective communication of incidental and critical imaging findings.  
  • Native 3D tools and advanced visualization, plus seamlessly embedded third-party clinical application. 
  • Portal for patients and physicians: makes it easy for patients and physicians outside of the hospital to access medical images and results.  
  • Managed services and monitoring: support optimal maintenance and uptime of this flexible and high-performance solution. 

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