Technology | X-Ray | July 21, 2016

Spellman High Voltage Adds XRB80HR Monoblock to X-ray Source Offerings

Latest offering designed for high duty cycle applications

Spellman High Voltage Electronics, XRB80HR Monoblock X-ray source, RSNA 2016

July 21, 2016 — Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corp. announced the expansion of its Monoblock series of X-ray sources with the introduction of the XRB80HR. Spellman’s Monoblock X-Ray sources eliminate problematic external high voltage cabling by integrating the high voltage power supply, the filament power supply and the X-ray tube into a single, easy-to-package assembly.

The XRB80HR is a compact, high-reliability, 80kV @ 100 watt X-ray source that features a power factor-corrected, universal voltage input and a standard RS-232 digital interface. TheXRB80HR was specifically designed for high duty cycle applications where long-term reliability is paramount to equipment uptime and availability.  It features Spellman’s latest technology in tube cooling and field stress reduction that lead to long-term arc-free operation and extended tube life. Spellman backs the XRB80HR with a three-year warranty. 

These fully sealed units can be mounted in any physical orientation. XRB80HR Monoblocks can be provided with fan-shaped X-ray beam geometry or a cone-shaped X-ray beam pattern.

The Monoblocks can be designed in a wide variety of geometries with beam shape, focal spot size and other critical parameters customized for particular applications.

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