Smartphones and Radiology

Themed Blog Series
Smart Things Radiologists Are Doing With Smartphones
Ask anyone from Pokemon Go players to BlackBerry diehards. Smartphones have a lot to offer. That potential may be expressed in high-tech apps or…
virtual reality
If we are to look forward to the development of smartphone technology for radiology applications, we might do well to look at virtual and augmented…
Sonographic Smartphones: When Will the Potential Be Met?
Already last century (it feels strange writing that) someone, somewhere realized that laptops had enough horsepower to run simple ultrasound machines…
smartphones, technology
Nothing can — or should — replace the written radiology report as the way radiologists send their findings to referring physicians. But there are…
How Smartphones Can Make Radiologists Even Smarter
Athletes warm up before a workout or game. But how might intellectuals get ready? There may be a way. And it may involve smartphones. Research…
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