News | October 13, 2014

Single Radiation Treatment During Surgery for Early Stage Breast Cancer using Mobetron

Promising early data using electron beam presented at 8th International Conference of Intraoperative Radiotherapy

Single Radiation Treatment During Surgery Early Stage Breast Cancer Mobetron

October 13, 2014 — Catherine Philippson, M.D., of the Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels presented her institution’s experience treating 425 early stage breast cancer patients from February 2010 through February 2014 using Mobetron to deliver intraoperative electron beam radiotherapy (IOERT) as the sole radiation treatment with no post-operative radiotherapy to follow. The IOERT treatment, which is a therapeutic dose of radiation targeted directly at the tissue at highest risk for local recurrence, is delivered during the lumpectomy surgery to remove the cancer. The presentation of the Jules Bordet data took place at the 8th International Conference of Intraoperative Radiotherapy in Cologne, Germany on Sept. 27, 2014. Patients were enrolled in an institutional protocol that included women ages 40+, among other patient characteristics consistent with low risk/early stage breast cancer. With a median follow up of 23.6 months, the local recurrence rate was reported as 0.5 percent and acute and late toxicities were reported as low. Philippson concluded that ‘while these very early results in appropriately selected patients are encouraging, longer follow up is needed.’

Early stage breast cancer patients comprise the majority of those diagnosed annually in the United States. “For these patients to be able to complete radiation therapy during their lumpectomy surgery using Mobetron alleviates the significant burden of having to undergo three to six weeks of daily treatments. That combined with the fact that this approach is markedly less costly overall to the healthcare system than other post-operative radiotherapy approaches is of great significance in today’s healthcare climate.” said Mary Ann Slavik, a spokesperson for IntraOp Medical in Sunnyvale, Calif., makers of Mobetron, a mobile and self-shielding linear accelerator. Slavik commented, “We eagerly await the results of longer follow up to confirm these data.”

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