News | September 23, 2009

Siemens Awards Preclinical Research in PET, SPECT, CT, Multimodal Imaging

Inveon is a Siemens preclinical imaging platform, providing integrated small animal PET, SPECT and CT

September 23, 2009 - Siemens announced today the sixth annual “New Point of View” Preclinical Image of the Year awards for cutting-edge images from pioneering preclinical research. Four category winners and four honorable mentions were announced, and the Image of the Year winner will be showcased in the company’s booth #416.
“We are honored to recognize the hard work and research efforts of our customers,” said Kirti Patel, vice president, Preclinical Solutions, Siemens Healthcare. "We believe there are tremendous advancements occurring in the preclinical research arena, and we are honored to help showcase this important work.” 
The “New Point of View” competition was open to anyone using a Siemens preclinical scanner. Researchers were encouraged to submit images created using any type of radiopharmaceutical tracer or any other contrast material. Entries were judged on scientific merit, the type of information gleaned from the images, and overall image quality. All images were judged by a panel of independent industry experts.
The 2009 Siemens Preclinical Image of the Year honorees are:
Inveon Image of the Year
Fushiki H.,, The Medical and Pharmacological Research Center Foundation
Multimodality Image of the Year
Fushiki H.,, The Medical and Pharmacological Research Center Foundation
High Performance Image of the Year
Fulton,, The University of Sydney
Best Presented Image of the Year
Lopresti B.,, University of Pittsburgh
Honorable Mentions:
Inveon Image of the Year Honorable Mention
Schoffelen R.,, Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
Multimodality Image of the Year Homorable Mention
Thackur, M., Thomas Jefferson University
High Performance Image of the Year Honorable Mention
Floberg J., University of Wisconsin
Best Presented Image of the Year Honorable Mention
Jeffery,, University of Wisconsin
Patel continued: “We take pride in the fact that so many of world's luminary researchers have chosen Siemens preclinical PET, SPECT, and CT solutions to further their basic research and understanding of biological processes.”
Siemens’ advanced imaging solutions and multimodal systems help preclinical researchers shed new light on dissecting disease processes and to potentially unlock potential new diagnostic methods or treatments. Images submitted for recognition were acquired on Siemens preclinical imaging systems: the Inveon preclinical scanner, the microPET (positron emission tomography) and the microCAT (computed axial tomography) scanners.
Inveon is a preclinical imaging platform, providing integrated small animal PET, SPECT and CT imaging and analysis. Continuing Siemens’ legacy of innovation, Inveon represents a new class of preclinical multimodality imaging solutions, offering a comprehensive range of imaging capabilities.

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