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Company announces SCINTIX as new product name for its flagship biology-guided radiotherapy technology

Company announces SCINTIX as new product name for its flagship biology-guided radiotherapy technology

October 24, 2022 — RefleXion Medical, a therapeutic oncology company pioneering biology-guided radiotherapy* (BgRT) as a new modality for treating all stages of cancer, today announced eight clinical abstracts evaluating the potential use and utility of its novel technology were accepted for presentation during the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) 2022 Annual Meeting, Oct. 23-26, in San Antonio. Additionally, ASTRO will serve as the setting for introducing SCINTIXÔ as the new product name for RefleXion’s flagship BgRT technology and treatment, provided only through the company’s X1 platform. 

“We are so pleased to once again have multiple posters and presentations highlighting the potential for our innovative SCINTIX technology in 21st-century radiation oncology practice,” said Shervin ‘Sean’ Shirvani, M.D., M.P.H, chief medical officer at RefleXion. “This body of work highlights the advanced conventional capabilities of the X1 and reveals key future possibilities for SCINTIX technology in which each tumor's unique biology guides its own treatment.” 

The following presentations taking place during ASTRO 2022 evaluate the RefleXion X1 machine with SCINTIX technology: 

Sunday, Oct 23: Poster Q&A 1 – Lung Cancer and DEIH (Exhibit Hall 1) 

  • 4:45 PM 2907 “Characterizing Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Presenting to an Academic Medical Center in an Era of Changing Treatment Paradigms.” 

Monday, Oct 24: Quick Pitch 04 – Radiation and Cancer Physics (Room 304) 

  • 8:05 AM 1018 “Combined Biology-Guided Radiotherapy and Lutetium PSMA Treatment in Metastatic Prostate Cancer.” 
  • 8:10 AM 1020 “BgRT Motion Management Maintains Target Dose Coverage for Respiratory and Non-Respiratory Motion.” 

Tuesday, Oct 25: Poster Q&A 7 – Hematologic Malignancies and Digital Health Informatics (Exhibit Hall 1) 

  • 4:00 PM 2283 “Repeatability and Reproducibility of Radiomic Features Produced over Time by the Fan-Beam kV-CT on a Novel Ring Gantry-Based PET/CT Linear Accelerator.” 

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 12:30 PM: Poster Q&A 10 – Physics (Exhibit Hall 1) 

  • 3234 “Robustness of Biology-Guided Radiotherapy Delivery to PET Biodistribution Changes within Target.” 
  • 3301 “IMRT and SBRT Treatment Planning Study for the First Clinical Biology-Guided Radiotherapy System. 
  • 3326 “Systematic Study of Patient-Specific Organs at Risk Auto-Segmentation on Daily kVCT Images for Adaptive Head and Neck Radiotherapy.” 
  • 3331 “Feasibility and Dosimetric Benefits of Adaptive Planning in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Using a Novel Treatment Planning Machine with Integrated Dual kVCT/PET Imaging Systems.” 

The company will showcase technology from the RefleXion X1 machine in its booth, #3745, including live demonstrations of its breakthrough tracking technology that uses radiotracers as biological guides, and the SCINTIX treatment planning workflow.  

For more information: 

*The RefleXion X1 is cleared for SBRT/SRS/IMRT treatments. SCINTIX biology-guided radiotherapy is limited by U.S. law to investigational use. 



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