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The world’s first Imaging EMR, OmegaAI, is now available to deliver faster, empowered care.

The world’s first Imaging EMR, OmegaAI, is now available to deliver faster, empowered care.

December 13, 2022 — RamSoft Inc., a leader in cloud-based imaging workflow solutions, has created the world's first Imaging EMR (electronic medical record), OmegaAI. This innovation is poised to transform how doctors and patients access/share medical images and enables patients to drive the entire imaging journey from their smartphone.  

OmegaAI is a cloud-native, serverless Imaging EMR software platform that consolidates VNA, Enterprise Imaging, PACS, RIS, simplified image exchange/sharing, routing & storage, a zero-footprint (ZFP) viewer, unified worklist, radiology reporting, document management, peer , patient portal, real-time business intelligence and analytics, AI radiology concierge, billing and payments, an app marketplace, and so much more.

OmegaAI is purpose-built to drive sustainable ROI, seamlessly connect doctors and patients using the same platform, prevent delayed care, enable sharing with consent, foster patient autonomy, and automate the entire patient journey from referral to study results.

“We’re all patients and we’ve all experienced difficulties in accessing our own healthcare records, particularly, the least connected element of our healthcare records, the imaging records,” as RamSoft President and CEO, Vijay Ramanathan, pointed out, “In 2022, isn’t it time that, we as patients, have control of our imaging information? This is why we have created OmegaAI, the world’s first Imaging EMR.”

A Game-Changer for Providers

Healthcare providers continually face challenges of a changing healthcare climate: increased patient demand for more complete results, faster diagnoses and treatment, and improved communication. Traditional ways of working with disconnected, disparate systems, time-consuming manual tasking, and system downtime – in the same arena with pervasive staff shortages – are proving to be critical blocks in delivering the care patients now expect.

OmegaAI offers a comprehensive selection of healthcare-optimizing apps including Blume and Root. Blume is a complete medical imaging patient app that streamlines how providers can effortlessly share imaging records with their patients. Root is a business intelligence and visualization tool that provides accurate real-time reporting and analytics.

OmegaAI’s Image Viewer is an FDA 510(k) cleared medical imaging diagnostic review tool that streamlines the process for faster diagnosis and quicker treatment for patients.

Centered on Patients

OmegaAI enables patients to gain control over their own health journey and connects them to their doctors and care team. Now, patients can access their complete healthcare records, including their imaging records. Patients experience accelerated care through immediate sharing where everything is simplified, less manual, and automated.

OmegaAI allows patients to make informed decisions about their own carereceive the care they need when they need itget faster diagnoses and treatmentand get updates in real-time from their healthcare providers. Blume, an OmegaAI app, allows patients to view their entire imaging record. It is designed to connect patients, their doctors as well as family members.

In addition, RamSoft successfully received its annual SOC 2 Type II and HIPAA attestations, which included their pioneering Imaging EMR solution, OmegaAI. As OmegaAI promotes FHIR standards, users have safe, secure access to comprehensive patient records.

What is an imaging EMR? It’s a single app that connects doctors, patients, practices, and systems for access to complete medical imaging records from all connected organizations. OmegaAI is a cloud-native SaaS platform that’s dynamically expanding. It provides storage, workflow automation, and the sharing of medical images. It also has seamless connectivity and integration with the entire healthcare ecosystem through FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources). 

Altogether, OmegaAI consolidates: 

  • VNA 
  • Enterprise Imaging, PACS, and RIS 
  • Universal Worklist 
  • Zero Foot Print (ZFP) Image Viewer 
  • Patient portal 
  • Business intelligence tool 
  • Image exchange/sharing, routing, and storage 
  • Automated front desk 
  • Radiology reporting 
  • Document management 
  • App marketplace 

“OmegaAI is the first Imaging EMR, empowering patients AND doctors for faster, better care. The best part is it’s a SaaS platform, so we can get you up and running quickly,” says RamSoft President & CEO, Vijay Ramanathan

For more information: 

*Editor's note: This release was updated on Dec. 13, 2022, to include more information that was released at RSNA22.

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