September 6, 2007 - Patient Comfort Systems Inc. recently introduced MRI table pad and patient positioning sets specially developed for stereotactic breast biopsies.

The new Patient Comfort sets address the need for enhanced comfort during these procedures that require women to lie prone for extended time periods. The cushioning system will reportedly make lengthy exams more tolerable and reduce movement during critical exam times as well as possible abortion of procedures.

Patient Comfort Systems pads contain open cell foam with visco-elastic properties that provide advanced pressure management. Traditional pads generate regions of high pressure and shunt blood flow away from areas of the body, resulting in ischemic discomfort that often prompts patients to change position.

For stereotactic biopsies, the increased patient comfort may also enable faster and more accurate targeting of sample tissue. The unique modular kit design offers unlimited flexibility in positioning a full range of patients being biopsied throughout the breast, according to the manufacturer.

The Patient Comfort Systems pads also contain a permanent antimicrobial agent that protects against the growing threat of infection during imaging exams, including aggressive antibiotic-resistant bacteria or super bugs, such as MRSA. To maximize infection control, the pads use ultra-strong fabrics with sewn and welded seams to protect the core material from fluids. Additionally, the vapor- and moisture-impervious fabric prevents fluids from passing through the cover and can be cleaned with any standard approved hospital disinfectant.

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