Technology | March 01, 2010

New Needle Guidance System Uses Real-Time Tip Tracking

March 1, 2010 — A breakthrough needle guidance system that expands real-time image-guided navigation into a new dimmension will debut during the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Annual Scientific Meeting, taking place in Atlanta on March 13-18, 2010.

CIVCO is introducing eTRAX, which features an electromagnetic sensor embedded into the needle tip. This technology gives physicians a more accurate tool for tracking the tip of a needle under real-time image-guided navigation. eTRAX provides significant clinical advantages, including increased clinical confidence in targeting difficult to access lesions, improved workflow, reduced procedure time and increased patient safety.

eTRAX is a two-part coaxial system consisting of a reusable non-sterile .9mm sensor and a sterile, disposable needle with a trocar sheath. When fully assembled, the sensor is positioned in the enclosed tip of the needle. A sterile CIV-Flex cover ensures sterility once the needle handle locks together. eTRAX provides safe and easy access to difficult targets and is ideal for ablations, core tissue biopsies, drainage, fluid aspirations, therapeutic delivery, vascular access and anesthesia. It will be compatible with ultrasound systems from leading equipment manufacturers.

“The launch of eTRAX demonstrates CIVCO’s commitment to advancing the capabilities of physicians and increasing efficiency,” said Robin Therme, vice president of multi-modality imaging for CIVCO. “We are constantly pushing the limits of technology to provide better accuracy with the ultimate goal of facilitating improved patient outcomes.”

The introduction of the eTRAX (on display at SIR booth 105) also brings a new generation disposable needle guidance system, the Ultra-Pro e. The Ultra-Pro e is an open-channel needle guide which facilitates the initial orientation of the tracked needle to the electromagnetic field and real-time images. The guide attaches to the custom reusable tracking bracket and currently accepts 14 gauge and smaller instruments.

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