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The platform connects hospitals, radiology practices and teleradiologists

Exa Gateway connects hospital radiology departments, radiology practices and teleradiologists through technology and services to enable cost-effective and efficient remote reading capabilities.

Exa Gateway connects hospital radiology departments, radiology practices and teleradiologists through technology and services to enable cost-effective and efficient remote reading capabilities.

September 10, 2020 — As radiology practices reopen after limiting their services due to COVID-19, remote reading and teleradiology services have become an increasingly important component to handle the expected patient surge. To address this need and the growing demand for teleradiology, Konica Minolta Healthcare is introducing Exa Gateway, a cost-effective platform for secure remote reading that connects hospital radiology departments, radiology practices and teleradiologists through technology and services.

Many radiology imaging facilities are not staffed to handle the increased volume of studies and are seeking ways to supplement reading services to avoid lengthy report turn-around-times and further disruptions to patient care. It is anticipated that the use of teleradiology and remote reading services will continue to be increasingly utilized post-pandemic, particularly with a projected shortage of tens of thousands of radiologists in the US by 2025.

By utilizing a facility’s existing PACS investment, Exa Gateway minimizes costs, streamlines connectivity and enables teleradiologists to use their current PACS worklist and viewer with which they are already familiar. There is no additional strain on existing IT staff and resources. Hospital radiology departments can add to or start teleradiology services, providing the flexibility to manage fluctuating volumes. Radiology practices can implement remote reading capabilities with access to teleradiologists to handle overflow of studies or provide overreads and sub-specialty interpretations, enhancing their service to referring physicians and patients. Exa Gateway can be configured for both existing Exa customers and non-Exa users.

For the teleradiologist, as part of Exa Gateway services, Konica Minolta handles all the connection points from the hospital or radiology practice through the Exa Gateway and to the teleradiologist’s PACS with a single connection pathway. For the radiology practice, remote reading capabilities are built in. Without replacing their current PACS solution, radiologists can read remotely from existing workstations or any devices, including tablets and smartphones.

Because the solution is part of the Exa platform, radiologists can take advantage of Exa's Zero Footprint viewer with full diagnostic toolsets and viewing capabilities. All that’s required is a browser. With Exa’s Server-Side Rendering technology, all the work being done at the server and not the workstation. So large imaging studies including 3-D mammography, can be opened immediately.

Exa Gateway is not only a technology platform, but a service that aligns radiology practices with teleradiologists. Konica Minolta connects the groups with one another through our vast sales and dealer channel.

According to Tim Kearns, Strategic Marketing Manager, Healthcare IT, “As radiology departments and practices re-open and expand services to address the backlog in patient imaging, Exa Gateway provides a secure, efficient and cost-effective solution for remote reading capabilities. It is also a blueprint for the future of radiology reading, where teleradiology and remote reading will play a larger role especially as many communities and facilities address radiologist shortages and a lack of sub-specialists in radiology.”

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