News | Computed Tomography (CT) | December 05, 2021

Company’s next generation mobile CT scanner delivers high-quality CT imaging at the point-of-care

NeuroLogica’s next generation multi-slice, small bore, mobile OmniTom Elite, that delivers high-quality point-of-care CT imaging, is released for sale in the U.S.

The CT team at Advent Health Orlando with NeuroLogica’s next generation OmniTom Elite. (Courtesy Business Wire)

December 5, 2021 — NeuroLogica’s next generation multi-slice, small bore, mobile OmniTom Elite, that delivers high-quality point-of-care CT imaging, is released for sale in the U.S.

“The OmniTom Elite’s ability to provide versatile, real-time mobile imaging enables healthcare providers to administer point-of-care CT to critical patients without the need to transport them to a separate department,” said David Webster, chief operating officer of NeuroLogica. “It is truly a facility-wide solution that decreases the time it takes to diagnose and initiate treatment for patients in need of care.”

  • Expanding on the benefits of its predecessor, the OmniTom Elite includes:

  • Improved omni-wheel design contributes to durability through transport as well as 360-degree mobility

  • An integrated drive system with drive camera and audio/visual sensors facilitates unimpeded movement through the facility

  • SmartAlign auto-alignment feature streamlines scanner-to-patient bed alignment which is instrumental in restricted spaces

  • Battery operated and chargeable in a standard wall outlet, allows for continued use throughout the facility

  • Integrated shielding to increase durability and protect staff

  • An ergonomic design with wireless tablet control designed with a single user in mind

  • Mobile Stroke Unit configuration, for use with emergency vehicles

In addition to the OmniTom Elite, NeuroLogica will also be showcasing its BodyTom 64 (510k pending) large bore scanner; the first ever mobile 64 slice whole body CT.

The OmniTom Elite and BodyTom 64 were featured at RSNA 2021 in Chicago. Learn more at

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