News | March 19, 2012

National Physical Laboratory Purchases Nucletron's Brachytherapy Afterloader

March 19, 2012 -- The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the United Kingdom's national measurement institute, recently purchased a Flexitron afterloader from Nucletron, an Elekta company. NPL will continue to offer its brachytherapy calibration service with the new afterloader and ensure source calibrations in radiotherapy centers remain traceable to NPL's primary standard.

"We chose Flexitron because it is a highly advanced brachytherapy platform that met all our requirements, offering the accuracy necessary to achieve the scientific excellence we strive for," says Thorsten Sander, senior research scientist at NPL. "Flexitron also provides us the opportunity to collaborate in the development of new technologies, to expand brachytherapy products and applications."

Nucletron and NPL have collaborated since 1992.

Flexitron is an advanced afterloader that takes brachytherapy to a new level. With robust safety features and flexible 40-channel configuration, Flexitron is designed to treat both very small and very large tumors without reconnections in intuitive 1 mm steps.

Accurate determination of source positions is simplified and reliability is enhanced with Nucletron's zero reference source positioning system, which defines dwell positions in absolute values. This significantly reduces the chance of human error; no additional measures or manual recalculations are required. Procedures take less time and are easier to check. Flexitron patented source drives are more precise and
durable than ever, providing reliable treatment from year to year.

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