Technology | August 28, 2006

MRI-Guided Breast Biopsies in 30 Minutes

The ATEC Emerald was designed specifically for clinicians performing MRI-guided breast biopsy and for facilities with dedicated breast MRI programs.
Benefits of the ATEC Emerald systems include: accurate targeting and acquiring of tissue samples; compatibility with the grid and pillar-and-post targeting methods; a saline lavage, which flushes out the biopsy cavity; the accommodation of a broad range of clinical and patient presentations; the ability to biopsy patients with multiple lesions in a single gadolinium injection; and the ability to perform a 30-minute MRI-guided breast biopsy.
Suros will also be showing the ATEC Sapphire, which is reportedly the first-ever all-in-one breast biopsy system for stereotactic X-ray, ultrasound and MRI, and the ATEC Pearl, a minimally invasive vacuum assisted breast biopsy system that is fully automated, lightweight, disposable and capable of taking samples every 4.5 seconds. Suros has more than 350 MRI facilities performing more than 12,000 MRI-guided breast biopsies with the ATEC system to date.

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