News | Enterprise Imaging | February 07, 2020

Life Image Announces Network Build Enterprise Solution

Solution designed to meet imaging-intensive needs such as medical devices for robotic surgery, clinical trial site networks for Life Sciences, and telemedicine for complex care

Solution designed to meet imaging-intensive needs such as medical devices for robotic surgery, clinical trial site networks for Life Sciences, and telemedicine for complex care

February 7, 2020 — Life Image announced a new enterprise solution to help healthcare companies establish large scale, imaging- and data-intensive networks to coordinate and deliver care, collaborate and innovate. Network Build was designed to meet the growing market need to establish clinical networks and effectively manage the movement of advanced data, including medical images, as technology gets more complex, the industry moves toward value-based care, and medical data explodes in volume and complexity. Network Build was also designed to help the industry meet recent regulatory requirements promoting the use of common standards to achieve greater interoperability.

“Robots are now performing surgeries. A provider could be delivering care from thousands of miles away. Life Sciences companies are developing therapeutics for complex and rare conditions for patients located all around the world. This is the healthcare of the future,” said Matthew A. Michela, president and CEO of Life Image. “The old infrastructure of healthcare is not equipped to handle the complexity of data management that the future requires. Life Image developed Network Build to efficiently create customized medical data networks that can handle intensive data such as diagnostic images, pathology, genomics, and more.”

One common use case for Network Build involves medical device companies that rely on network connections to clinical endpoints to collect data on patient safety, care delivery and product efficacy. In one example, a Life Image customer uses a patient’s medical data, including diagnostic imaging, to program the medical device company’s robot to create patient-specific devices for surgical care. Historically, the patient data is primarily being shared on physical media (CDs). This results in inefficiencies, delay of care, data privacy risk, or the chance that the CD might be corrupted. Life Image’s Network Build is being deployed to digitally connect hundreds of hospitals worldwide to ensure effective receipt of diagnostic-quality medical data.

In recognition of this growing need to access and connect siloed data sources, the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) has made it a policy priority to force entrenched industry interests from information blocking and trapping data into proprietary silos. The ONC proposed rules require greater interoperability using common standards. Life Image’s digital applications used to deploy Network Build are based on the latest common industry standards.

As part of the solution, Life Image enterprise customers will have their own Enterprise Deployment Manager, which is:

  • An integrated dashboard that manages all aspects of enterprise deployment of Life Image network access points
  • Detailed tracking from end to end, starting with the initial administrative and legal requirements such as business associate agreements through to local implementation
  • Alert notification to provide advance notice of delayed deployment
  • Integrated into the Life Image customer service and support application for a seamless service experience

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